P.O.S.T stops before completing

  fullywired23 18:06 18 Oct 2005

This problem started after formatting H/D and reinstalling O/S

I try to boot up but when it gets to the screen which says "Press escape to skip memory test " it stops at the letter S and goes no further .I shut down and then after several attempts it loads the operating system but the last time it booted up I got the Blue screen ,serious error shutting down,I turned off then booted again Which was successful,Has anyone any suggestions please any help will be much appreciated

Asus A7V mobo .1000mh cpu 256 memory


  Diemmess 18:29 18 Oct 2005

Hopefully a mistake in your BIOS, because the Memory Check is very early in the process.

Look in the BIOS for anything different from past settings (if you remember what they were!) The manual might give you a list of default settings.

Look for memory check on/off, also for any strange video settings, because it wont go far if these are not what the computer expects.

After, or perhaps before that, it would be wise to look for loose cards and connecting leads.

  fullywired23 19:31 19 Oct 2005

hi Diemmess

I think I have solved the problem,I didn't mention in my first post that I had had also lost my boot manager because I didn't think it was relevant. I have 2 hard drives ,both with a O/S on and the boot manager allows me to boot to the drive of my choice but after formating. the option disappeared but after editing the boot inf ,the problem seems to have been corrected ( I hope I am not speaking to soon) but thank you for your reply

much obliged viejo

  Diemmess 20:22 19 Oct 2005

Well done you! Im'm pretty sure that after formatting, the choice of OS was nil so could explain why the option had disappeared. Formatting and reinstalling has removed a faulty configuration somewhere.

.... A branch of my family had instability and booting problems for ages until ill matched RAM was sorted. If you have a repeat of the bother, do check by trying single pieces, or substitution if you only have one.

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