POST failure on nForce4 board

  gor 22:18 29 Jan 2006

I have just swapped out my mobo for a foxconn NF4K8AC with Athlon64 3000+ cpu and geforce 6600GT 128MB PCI-E graphics card. The graphics card, cpu and mainboard fans spin up as do the CD/DVD drives and harddrive but the system simply emits a series of single prolonged beeps. I have swapped out the RAM in all the various slot combinations and bought a nice 500W Ultra X-Connect PSU but to no avail. Should I buy new RAM as my current PC2100 RAM is supposed to be compatible according to the manual but it touts itself as a DDR 400 compatible board ? Any advice would be much appreciated.

System specs:
Mobo: Foxconn (WINFAST) NF4K8AC-RS-1.0 nVidia nForce4;Phoenix-Award BIOS
CPU: Athlon64 3000+ socket 939 (Venice core, ADA3000DAA4BP)
RAM: 1GB DDR PC2100 Infineon
Graphics card: Expertvision Geforce 6600GT 128MB PCI-E
OS:Windows XP Home Edition SP2
Hard drive:Seagate 80GB
LG DVD rom drive;CD R/RW drive;Floppy;Audigy sound card;modem card;TV tuner card

  Kev.Ifty 22:23 29 Jan 2006

Have you check out what the beeps are telling you?

For example click here


  Skills 22:24 29 Jan 2006

How many beeps are there? As this is pointing you in the direction of the error.

  gor 22:40 29 Jan 2006

Most POST beep listings suggest a RAM problem for a single beep but I'm not convinced as I've tried other RAM (admittedly still PC2100).

  Skills 22:43 29 Jan 2006

You said it emmited a series of single beeps count how many beeps it emits and then look this up

  vinnyT 15:18 30 Jan 2006

Is the ram you are trying to install compatable with the mobo, pc2100 sticks sound as if you have had them for a while.

If they are compat, are you inserting them all the way into the slot, this can take some pressure sometimes, esp with a new board.

Hope this helps.

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