POST Failure

  agarm11 02:14 13 May 2003

Just built a new system, all was well until I closed the system down at some point. On trying to restart, no beeps, video output etc, so I thought the monitor cable was loose or the gfx card. Having checked the seating of these I eventually got it to boot. But since then, it will usually fail on startup (no beeps) so I presume it is failing the POST. Eventually I can get it to start after checkig component seating, but this can take a while. I suspect the problem lies in the gfx card area of the mobo, I have tried another gfx card & the results are the same.
I have noticed that after one of these starts, that the bios detects the cpu as an XP1800 (default setting), when it had previously been set to the correct XP2400, however the system clock has not reset and still shows the correct time. Al components are new, but I suspect that the mobo is at fault with a bad connection. If a restart is done from within win xp, it always reboots I presume that this is because POST is not carried out? Any help would be appreciated as I built the system for a friend and I seem to be running out of ideas.

  Never again 08:55 13 May 2003

I had a similar problem and I was advised that if you get no beeps then its either the motherboard which is knackered, the processor needs reseating or the memory needs reseating.

I ended up buying a new motherboard from ebay !!

good luck

  Mick248 20:34 13 May 2003

I think by the sounds of it you have already tried this but a common proble here is Memory not seated correctly, if you have tried this try taking out the CPU and ensuring no dust/ fluff has managed to get in there (More common with P4's)

Next I would ensure you have the latest bios version for your mobo.Obvious but also make sure you have it set to 133 NOT 100, as this will drop the CPU setting. I reckon vest chance is the BIOS update.

Hope it helps and i aint showing granny to suck eggs.

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