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  kevvyb 00:07 28 Oct 2003

Having just got win98se up and running on a new Asus A7N8X mobo I have noticed that on post my system reports that the "secondary IDE channel has no 80 pin connector cable connected".

My secondary IDE channel has both a CDROM and DVDROM attached on one cable (so it must be 80pin if I understand correctly). So what could be causing this and do I need to worry about it? Both drives seem to be working okay as far as I can tell although I haven't tried any CD burning as yet.

Might it be anything to do with Hyperos (which I also have installed, or is it more likely, as I suspect, a windows thing?

  DieSse 00:12 28 Oct 2003

POST comes way before any operating system even gets off the ground.

The message is what it is. You do not have an 80-wire (NOT pin) IDE cable on the secondary channel. Neither do you normally requore one for optiacl drives.

Look at the two IDE cables in your system and you will soon see the difference in the number of wires in them (unless you have round or sheathed cables).

Anyway, you can ignore the message unless you really want to get a second 80-wire cable. It will have no practical effect. I have come across some optical drives that were not happy with 80-wire cables - but more recent ones should be OK, if you want to replace the cable.

  kevvyb 14:56 28 Oct 2003

Thanks DieSie,

So you can have a cable with less than 40 wires with two connectors (in addition to the mobo connector)????

Whatever, this is still odd because as far as I can see MESH have left the old cable in place when they replaced my mobo and the old system did not report any cable errors on the secondary ide channel ......?

  kevvyb 14:57 28 Oct 2003

....sorry, that should have been "less than 80 wires i.e. 40 wires.....

  DieSse 18:11 28 Oct 2003

It's nothing to do with how many connectors - it's the number of wires in the actual cable (count them and see!).

Many (most?) older systems did not have 80-wire sensing on the secondary IDE channel, only on the primary.

  kevvyb 21:19 28 Oct 2003

Thanks DieSie,

Obviously haven't looked close enough but will take another look. Was merely confused because my old system (Asus A7A266 mobo) did not report this error with the same cable.....

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