Possibly going broadband

  brian132 06:47 23 May 2003

Had a phone call from BT to say that my local exchange is going broadband in about two months time and inviting me to sign up with them _ I didn't ! I checked that this was correct on their site- yes, it is. It also provided a page where I could check whether my PC can take broadband, but it would not open it.My PC is a Fujitsu Siemens Euroline bought in Feb 2001. Is theree any other website which will allow me to check my PC?
I would also like to know of a site which would give me unbiased views on the best options on broadband. Thank you.

  AndySD 06:56 23 May 2003

If you tell us the specs of your pc we can tell you....if you dont know them this small free program will tell you click here

  AndySD 07:02 23 May 2003

click here or click here are two sites to look at.

  Valvegrid 07:05 23 May 2003

You don't mention the spec of your machine, but if you bought it just a couple of years ago it should be more than adequate, provided you have either a Network Interface Card (NIC) or a USB port. If you don't you can get these cards and install them and they are dead cheap these days.

As a matter of interest I use a creaky old machine that's 7 years old with 98M RAM 330M processor with a NIC card plus 98SE and it goes like lightning on 128k, NTL gave us 600k for a couple of weeks and the machine went even faster still, thought it might rattle all the bolts, but it didn't.

Go for it!


  brian132 07:12 23 May 2003

Thanks ,guys, you have given me what I need

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