Possible virus preventing reboot

  Ivor_Monkey 11:04 02 Aug 2005

This morning my sister's packard bell pc won;t start. It seems to be on a loop between start up screens (going between the screen used when prompting to go into the bios and the screen used when pressing for safe mode). She suspects this problem was caused by a virus.

Last thing last night she opened a an email daemon undelivered email (no attachment) and is now convinced that it contained a virus. She can't

1) reboot from drive A (system restore disk does not work or the A drive doesn't work -different problem)

2)reboot into safe mode just goes into start up loop.

Any ideas how she can get get started so that she can scan and clean?

She has AVG and a-squared etc.


  DieSse 11:52 02 Aug 2005

Which OS please

  Ivor_Monkey 12:08 02 Aug 2005

whoops -XP

  patsyanne 12:31 03 Aug 2005

Hi i am the sister i have now got a friend to clean it all up by making my computer just like when i bought it ! i opened a email up that was the same as when you have spelt someones name wrong on the email and it comes back undelivered well aol never stopped me from opening it there was no attachment just someone had wrote "sorry i tried to forwad this email for you" ,good luck !and a lot of symbols straight away i couldnt put the computer to standby so switched off then in the morning the computer was on that loop i couldnt get into safe mode do nothing with it at all,and no i hadnt backed anything up i was going into town friday to get some dvd ram disc to do it .not sure how i get on now cause i didnt have a windows xp disc and before i came to work i just switched it and it wants the windows disc ! another problem i think on its way .

  Cuddles 17:24 03 Aug 2005

The request for the windows disc is all the same problem I would say you have definately had a virus, you may have to format your hard drive and start again.

  DieSse 17:46 03 Aug 2005

If you have AVG and it's up to date, then it's unlikely (but not impossible) you've had a virus.

Was the "clean up" to removce viruses, or just to put your system back to it's "as delivered" state by reloading a restore disk'?

Asking for a Windows disk implies some corruption of the software or disk drive - from a hardware problem, a virus, or whatever.

If you haven't got a Windows disk, or a recent backup that makes life a bit difficult - before suggesting further action, have you already lost all your work?

  Ivor_Monkey 10:53 04 Aug 2005

My sister doesn't keep any work (files, music, documents, pictures etc) on her hard disk! It seems that she has lost only drivers, including the one for the BT modem, which she uses to access the internet.

I'll tick this as resolved.

  patsyanne 14:18 04 Aug 2005

Hi its all ok now the system has been taking back as though its from the shop and yes he has some disc that cleans up the computer for virus as well.i had to find some drivers and i didnt have the disc that came with my modem that had the drivers for that on but my friend again downloaded them and has just put them on my computer so i am up and running again.,i had Avg i am so good at running anti spyware always scanning but this email i had was as though it was from the place that delivers all returned mail even AOl must have thought it was cause if it wasnt usually a box pops up and says "do you know who sent this email" but that didnt pop up at all ! cheers

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