Possible virus infection????

  cdb 14:28 15 Nov 2004

Could this be a virus????? ALL ideas welcome.

I got a distress call from my brother last night, he couldn't access the net or his Macaffee antivirus software. So I went round to look at his computer and lo and behold it was as he described.
His modem (ntl usb BB) was present and correct on the networks screen, but not sending or recieving, Macaffee firewall was showing on the task bar and was not set to block the net, but the normal big red M for the security centre wasn't there, it could not be accessed either (but the firewall could be)
I tried repairing the modem from properties -- no luck.
I tried doing a system restore about 4 times back as far as early october, but none of them would work.
I tried uninstalling Macaffee, but something wasn't working and it wouldn't let me. (I can't remember the error of hand)
I tried installing Macaffee from disc but it wouldn't let me, there was a problem with the (windows I think)installer.

Macaffee's last item logged was a network blackjack I think and my brother said he'd had to remove a corruptable dialup (found with spybot or ad-aware)

My next line of attack is wait for the solution from someone here :D, sfc /scannow, try and virus check it using my norton disc from his drive or last of all a full reinstall. :@

I'm sure I've heard of virus's that block internet access and shut down antivirus software. Does this sound like one, if so any guesses as to which one??
Is there a free antivirus software that I could download that wouldn't need updating that I could run straight away to check his pc if my norton doesn't work?

His pc is a Tiny pc running windows XPsp2 NTL BB (750K)

Cheers for your help so far.

  Graham ® 14:37 15 Nov 2004

Download a² from click here, save to CD and load on your brother's machine.

  cdb 14:39 15 Nov 2004

Downloading it, although it does say it needs an internet connection to install properly which he doesn't currently have. I've also downloaded AVG7.

  cdb 19:22 15 Nov 2004

I got bored waiting for the virus check, but it had found a dialler trojan and a virus (JS/psyme) so far. I've left it running.

Also, when I started the computer up I had internet connectivity, but it was lost after doing a restart for something or other. :-S

  § 19:51 15 Nov 2004

cdb try disable 'System Restore' restart in 'Safe Mode' run AVG again then restart.

Then remember to enable 'System Restore' again.

  § 19:57 15 Nov 2004

If that doesn't work download to disc for him 'CWShredder' cos it sounds like it could be one of the CoolWeb trojans.

Can't remember the site (Merjn or something). I'll search for it unless somebody comes in with it first.

  § 20:01 15 Nov 2004

Found it click here

  VoG II 20:03 15 Nov 2004

Sorry to butt in but click here is the latest CWShredder.

  cdb 21:23 15 Nov 2004

I'll try CWShredder and see if that does anything.

I've just phoned my brother and AVG7 and my norton 2004 disc found nothing else. (I could try my mums 2005disc too) but he did mention something about trying to send an email and being told it was infected with a worm. (wish he'd mentioned that before)

IMO Macaffee should have picked it up whatever it is anyway. I have drilled it into him to keep it update. ;)

Any worms spring to mind that have this sort of effect?

Cheers for your help so far. :)

  VoG II 21:27 15 Nov 2004

Several worms could have this effect. A good start would be to run Stinger click here

  cdb 21:35 15 Nov 2004

Stinger downloaded too. I just hope it will install as it seems to not like Macaffee doing anything, but I don't know if it's only Macaffee or the whole windows installation routine.
Keep em coming ;)

Thanks again :)

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