Possible Virus?

  User-A039F74C-8E2E-41F4-A0FDB7F00987D758 11:12 06 Sep 2005

I have McAfee internet security suite 2005 ver. 7.0 installed. Since booting up this morning, I have been plagued with McAfee Personal Firewall Plus popping up every few seconds stating: The program vlynnh.exe (Path: C:\WINDOWS\vlynnh.exe) is requesting access to the Internet.
I have chosen the 'Block All Access' option every time - but it still keeps appearing.
Is this file a potential virus are should I grant access?

Thank you, (at my wits end) Sunflower

  mattyc_92 11:15 06 Sep 2005

I have done a google search and search on the Symantec site, but I haven't found a single result for either "C:\WINDOWS\vlynnh.exe" nor "vlynnh.exe"

  SANTOS7 11:17 06 Sep 2005

I have done the same "no result"

  keithlik 11:43 06 Sep 2005

I do not know Mc Afee products but there should be a Help facility with FAQs. Try this or contact McAfee by e-mail (usually there is an address on the site) or a phone number.

Sometimes these 'helpful' popups are infuriating.

If all else fails try contacting the people who supplied the application.

Good Luck

  ACOLYTE 11:50 06 Sep 2005

Have you installed anything latly that may have come with spyware like a download off the net?,try a spyware/trojan scan.

  dave_and_confused 11:51 06 Sep 2005

Try an on-line scan from Symantec - click here

Or submit the file to these sites for analysis

click here

click here

click here

The chances are it's a random name hence Google brings up nothing.

  Gaz 25 12:30 06 Sep 2005

Odd, it's doesn't seem legit. I'd remove it.

Thanks Gaz 25. It appears this file was created within the last week and I have removed it. So far no annoying warning boxes have appeared.
Thank you to all who responded so quickly.
Cheers, Sunflower

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