Possible Trojan Virus Problem

  Appletree 10:12 08 Sep 2011

I have an old PC running Windows XP Pro since 2003, but up to date with Microsoft update 24 August. It also has McAfee Total Protection updated on 7 Sept and full scan run with no issues found. Problem. At start up the Microsoft Windows XP screen with running dots appears as normal but this then goes to a blank screen and nothing further happens. Master reset pressed and only way any operation can be achived is in Safe Mode. Looking back it appears as though the PC has a progressive trojan virus. First sign of problem was early July when Windows had almost loaded the desktop it would switch to low screen resolution, this was corrected in Control Panel and monitor appearance, but at start up again same problem occured. I then did a system restore back to 1 July point and all ok. The problem returned on 1 Aug, so restored problem to 25 July point, then ok. Problem occured again on 14 Aug, so restored to 4 Aug point, then ok, but noticed that there were no system restore points earlier than 4 Aug. On 3 Sept Windows wouldn't load, it stopped after initial screen (as described above), so went to safe mode and restored to 27 Aug point, then ok. Same again on 6 Sept, then on 7 Sept same problem but after going to safe mode found that all system restore points had been deleted. So now the PC will only work in safe mode and this morning 8 Sept connection to the internet has additionally been lost. Please, how do I overcome this problem?

  Snrub 10:19 08 Sep 2011

Have you tried any malware scans to identify possible trojan? If you have Ccleaner you could try running in safe mode and restarting computer.

  Appletree 10:25 08 Sep 2011

To Snrub, Thanks for suggestion, no I haven't run any malware scans and I don't have Ccleaner, where can I get Ccleaner from?

  Snrub 10:46 08 Sep 2011

If you can connect to internet Cnet.com will have Ccleaner Free and you could also try downloading Iobit MalwareFighter Free to run malware scan.

  Terry Brown 10:46 08 Sep 2011

Try a2free http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/antimalware/ This is a free 30 day trial (ful version) and then reverts to the free version, which is scan on demand (no contineous scanning).

I believe this can be run from a CD, so download the file and create the CD, then reboot from CD.


  Woolwell 11:05 08 Sep 2011

Sounds more like a failing system. CCleaner will not clear malware. Malwarebytes in safe mode is well worthwhile Malwarebytes making sure it is the free version.

How are you posting? Download to that and then onto memory stick or cd if possible.

  Snrub 11:40 08 Sep 2011

Woolwell - Not suggesting Ccleaner will remove malware, this was meant to be in addition to, in order to remove temporary internet files. Maybe not entirely logical but recovered my system from continuous occuring system BSOD when run in safe mode.

  Appletree 09:00 09 Sep 2011

To Snrub & Terry Brown. Thanks for suggestions. I downloaded the free trial version of Emsisoft Anti Malware on one PC and transferred it via a CD to problem PC then ran it, this took 12 hours hence I've not been back to you earlier. It found 4 suspect objects, these were 2 traces at medium risk, 1 file at low risk and 1 file at high risk, the latter was the exec of a games program I had loaded about 6 years ago, so unless this had been affected by a trojan I don't think it to be the cause. The problem PC now still has the same symptons, blank screen after start up Microoft screen, but suppose this is to be expected as the trojan had deleted all system restore points, so will only operate in safe mode. I guess I've got to reload Windows XP now?

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