possible trojan infection in a thread;beware pleas

  p;3 19:27 01 Apr 2005

click here
this thread at 1621 today entry of Number7"s ; where it says "the trial version of the "click here"; I have picked up, I am sure from that link; the Trojan Horse Back door virus; my agv has caught it and hopefully cleared it; as I have clicked on no other entries today , that is the only placew I can see I could have got this infection;
if I am wrong ; then I applogise; but the forum need to be aware of a possible problem :(

  Number 7 21:13 01 Apr 2005

Get real.

There are two links to Trojan Hunter on the internet.

misec.net or trojanhunter.com.

Both lead to the IP address a unique address.

So, no matter which link you use, the DNS servers will take you to the same SITE- they're the same thing.

If you have Trojan Horse Backdoor, or whatever, you didn't get from the the link I posted.

  Djohn 21:47 01 Apr 2005

to think of other members, but all of Number 7's links are fine, you need have no worry clicking on them.

  p;3 22:43 01 Apr 2005

number 7 ; please do not take offense;if it had been MY thread that was highlighted, I would have been gratedul to have been advised that the links might have infection in them; if I have offended you them , as said, my apologies; I am reliably informed that all the links are OK , and thanks to to Djohn for your input on this;

all is now well; and one computer now being sorted out:( (mine)

  Number 7 23:41 01 Apr 2005

I agree with Djohn and yourself- no problem.

Where's the thread for your computer being sorted out.

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