Possible to speed up HP laptop?

  manrow 15:38 08 Jul 2007

As a backup only I have an HP Omnibook XE3i laptop with 930MHZ processor, 128MB ram, and 11.8Gb hard-drive. Of hard-drive space 9.35Gb used for programmes leaving only 2.45Gb clear,

I expected it to be but it is painful!

Any suggestions on what might speed it up?

  Quiet Life 23:03 08 Jul 2007

Increasing RAM is one of the quickest, most efficient and most cost-effective ways to boost processor performance. Increasing RAM means it has to swap out less memory to the hardrive. As you get more applications/data open on your system, the OS will save out sections of RAM onto your disk and read them back in as necessary. So the more RAM, the less of a possibility of needing to swap out to disk. Obviously a faster larger drive will do this swapping quicker but to avoid swapping is where more RAM comes in. Loading programs will be faster with a faster hard drive but the most noticeable speed up will be when working will be with more RAM.
Woodchip mentions obtaining a 30/40 Gb 7200rpm drive but I doubt if that is possible as 7200rpm laptop drives are fairly recent and I believe only start at 60/80Gb. The amount of data on a hard drive can slow any swapping out from RAM down as it has to find areas in the hard drive that are free. That is where defragging comes in by creating free areas all together.

  manrow 19:13 09 Jul 2007

Thank you Quiet Life for the advice.

I doubled the ram from 128Mb to 248Mb - yes that is what it says, lost something somewhere! But the effect is an absolute transformation to this laptop. Whereas before I could spend longer waiting for it to do things, but now it does what I want immediately, just like my much more powerful desktop!!

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