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Possible to speed up HP laptop?

  manrow 15:38 08 Jul 2007

As a backup only I have an HP Omnibook XE3i laptop with 930MHZ processor, 128MB ram, and 11.8Gb hard-drive. Of hard-drive space 9.35Gb used for programmes leaving only 2.45Gb clear,

I expected it to be but it is painful!

Any suggestions on what might speed it up?

  woodchip 15:45 08 Jul 2007

You need to fit a Bigger and Faster Hard Drive. If you have a External Drive you could use Acronis True Image to Image the drive, So you could restor it to the New Drive.

You need a 30Gb 7200rpm drive yours will only be a 4200rpm. Also it should be a ata drive

  manrow 15:53 08 Jul 2007

I understand that laptop drives are expensive, would this be worthwhile?

  woodchip 15:59 08 Jul 2007

I got one thrown out at a Dumpit Site. Cleaned it Connected it in a usb caddy and now works as a store disc.
Or click here

Try a computer Fair

Have a look click here you should be looking for a ata 7200rpm. for it to be fast in your laptop.

No more than 30 or 40Gb

  manrow 16:24 08 Jul 2007

Due to my limited computer knowledge could you please explain how this will help?

Is this a suggestion that a too-full hard drive slows the whole system down, or prevents it working efficiently?

  Quiet Life 16:44 08 Jul 2007

1. More RAM givesthe best increase in speed and if you have a spare slot another 128mb will make a difference. If you have 2x 64 already then it becomes more expensive.
1.Defrag hardrive. Delete any unwanted files first and also temporary and temporary internet files.
3 Stop any unwanted programs running at startup.
Start > Run type MSCONFIG and untick unwanted.

I presume you are not running XP where you can safely untick everything.

  manrow 17:20 08 Jul 2007

Yes I am running XP, so I can untick everything? Is that correct?

  Quiet Life 17:37 08 Jul 2007

Yes. But if you use laptop for internet leave your Anti virus program.
Also in XP system restore can be using large part of memory.
Programs >Accesories> System Tools >System Restore and in Settings reduce the amount of harddrive used. The more used the greater the number of restore points but probably of little value. Will not speed anything up but will create more free space.
Using XP an increase from 128mb in ram would be worthwhile.

  manrow 18:10 08 Jul 2007

Thank you Quiet Life, have followed all of your recommendations, apart from more ram which I will do tomorrow!

  woodchip 19:56 08 Jul 2007

Faster hard Drive will give you more speed than extra Ram. Ram is for using Programs. It will not get things off the drive as fast

  manrow 22:44 08 Jul 2007

Thank you woodchip for clarification!

Most laptop hard drives available seem to be 5400 rpm; is that fast enough?

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