Elderslie 15:23 21 Nov 2008

My last two emails to a friend whose ISP is "BTinternet./com" have been labelled "POSSIBLE SPAM"!
Can anyone tell me why this is so?

  Taff™ 16:34 21 Nov 2008

From time to time ISP`s label each other as promoting spam and blacklist anyone using that ISP which results in all e-mails being labelled as such. Tiscali have had this problem and I think I read that PlusNet had this problem this week.

  Chas49 16:50 21 Nov 2008

Why is the oblique in there? Typo?

  Elderslie 09:04 22 Nov 2008

Yes, just a typo, Chas49! So it's my fault for using Tiscali as my ISP! Or perhaps for sending to BT! Ah well, we'll just have to let it go and hope that BT will get fed up playing 'silly devils'
Thank you for your prompt reply, Taff!

  johnr123 22:37 04 Dec 2008

I have been having this problem for a while. My ISP is Tiscali and the problem only occurs when I send a e-mail via Thunderbird. I have tried Outlook Express, Hotmail and webmail and they are all OK.
Have tried getting Tiscali to sort it out but no luck, all the suggestions that come back are rubbish. Their call centre staff dont have a clue.

  Elderslie 09:33 05 Dec 2008

Thank you, John123, Yes, I too was having trouble with Thunderbird, but when I used Googlemail and also IE both went through OK without the label "POSSIBLE SPAM".
I have been on to Tiscali but have had no luck from them as yet.

  johnr123 16:30 05 Dec 2008

I have just had a call from Tiscali. They say that the problem is with Thunderbird. They also say that as they do not support Thunderbird so it is not their problem. I think the truth is that they do not know or understand what the problem is. If you have sent a message to yourself and then looked at the headers (see view - message source) you will see references to Ironport. Here is a message I had from an expert at Ironport.

Thank you for contacting Ironport Customer Support. I have checked the
headers Ironport Appliances add to your messages, and decoding the
antispam result header did not show a high level at all, this should be
considered as a clean message. However, I noticed a header


which does not come from the IronPort, but may be the trigger for the
"Possible Spam" subject. Seems Tiscali adds that one when you send from
a certain IP that is different from Outlook Express, and of course,
hotmail. The received header show that the message was send from, which resolves to a dynamic IP range within
dsl.as9105.com. Maybe Tiscalies SMTP Server does not like that one.
After all, it's definitely not from an IronPort, by default the Subject
would read "[SUSPECTED SPAM]" instead of [POSSIBLE SPAM].


I also sent this to Tiscali.

  Elderslie 18:11 06 Dec 2008

Gosh, Johnr123, you are getting much too technical for little me!
I haven't had any further from Tiscali. Either I am not the only one who's being bamboozled with science or hopefully they are finally sorting out this problem for all of us!
Regards, Burnett Pender

  johnr123 10:38 07 Dec 2008

It is getting too technical for me as well. I would not hold you breath waiting for Tiscali to sort it out!!

  Forum Editor 11:29 07 Dec 2008

It's not really like that at all. BT's mail servers handle vast quantities of email, and in the past their servers were used to send even more vast quantities of spam.

Something had to be done, and one of the things that happened was that some originating ISP addresses were identified as spam sources, and consequently monitored. It's a highly technical subject, and one that would take far too long to discuss in full - everyone would fall asleep with boredom. Suffice it to say that BT isn't playing silly devils, but trying to protect its POP mail servers, and therefore its customers. Sometimes it feels as if a blunt instrument is being used, and your experience was possibly one of those occasions. Alternatively, it may well have been a Tiscali SMTP server issue.

  Elderslie 12:45 07 Dec 2008

Are we really saying that BT internet are labelling every email from Tiscali as "POSSIBLE SPAM"? Sounds like using a very large hammer to crack a very small nut. If on the other hand it is Tiscali which is labelling all its out-going emails as "POSSIBLE SPAM" Let's hope that John123 and my complaints to Tiscali will eventually solve our problems!
Meanwhile I'll click as 'resolved'

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