Possible PSU problem?

  Mat E Low 11:46 06 Feb 2005

Recently my PC has been shutting down unexpectedly. Fans and video output stop, mains power is available with monitor in standby mode.
Green power light on and HDD activity noted.
Reset will not work and I have to pull the mains plug for a couple of seconds then the PC will reboot and run for hours. the machine is 2 years old and I have made no recent hardware changes.
Can any one suggest a fix before I buy a new PSU.

  Storik 12:21 06 Feb 2005

Could be CPU protection against overheating - if your motherboard has one - but as it runs "for hours" afterwards, probably not. (Unless, of course, it only happens when the CPU fan switches off). Your computer would not start again until everything cools down.

Personally I would invest in another, bigger, power supply, but that is only my opinion for what it's worth. If all fans switch off, I wouldn't take the risk of fatal damage for the price of a decent power supply.


  Storik 12:48 06 Feb 2005

If you go here:

click here

Check out Gongoozler's pointer. A really handy utility.


  FelixTCat 12:55 06 Feb 2005

Check the cpu fan and heatsink for dust and dirt. It sounds as though your cpu is overheating and shutting down the computer as protection. It will not restart until the cpu has cooled down.

Boot up the computer with the cover/side panel removed and check that the cpu cooler fan is running.

  Mat E Low 09:58 13 Feb 2005

Upgraded existing 300w psu for a new 400w psu.Problem resolved.

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