Possible motherboard issue??

  browmeister 13:37 26 Oct 2004

My computer has recently had trouble locating my two hard drives on start-up and when it does, the relevant data seems to jump around a lot indicating it may not be reading from the drives correctly.

I have completely wiped the drives and re-installed xp and it will work fine for a while, then go bad again.

Is this a possible motherboard issue??

  PA28 14:54 26 Oct 2004

Does your BIOS correctly detect the drives and, if so, what details does it give (have a look at the first screen). I take it that the two drives are correctly configured on IDE1 - have you tried disconnecting the slave and see if this improves matters?

  browmeister 10:25 27 Oct 2004

Yeah, the BIOS finds them both and identifies them as ST38011(Seagate 80gig drives)and both are connected correctly to them motherboard. It's not the IDE cable, i'm pretty sure it's not the slave affecting the master as i've tried the set-up without. Someone did mention it could be a bad sector of memory?? However, on boot up the BIOS tests and finds all the memory i have installed.

Any ideas will be greatly received!

  PA28 15:56 27 Oct 2004

What did you mean by (data)"jumping around a lot"? It could be memory - the best way to test this would be to substitute another SIMM/DIMM - you could always try moving your existing to another slot if your mobo will allow this. Any other symptoms - crashes, error messages, freezes, etc.?

  browmeister 10:53 03 Nov 2004

For example, if i'm playing a music file, the sound isn't pure (intermittant corruption), so it'll play ok for a second, corrupt a little bit, then play for another second. It's also running slower than normal as if the data isn't flowing properly between devices.

I've just run memtest86 and that shows no problems, so....???? Any other ideas? Cos i'm all out of them.

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