Possible malware or hard drive failure.

  nickisarealperson 20:51 14 Apr 2017

Please spare me the reprimanding, I know I've gotten exactly what I deserved. I let my anti virus lapse (Norton) quite awhile ago, and haven't had any issues. After some super irresponsible pirating, I think I've managed to acquire some malware. Or my hard drive is simply failing. Or both. I downloaded a rar archive, started decompressing it, and everything locked up. I eventually cold reset the computer, and upon booting, it was suddenly painfully slow. I was worried about data corruption, so I downloaded HD Tune. I've run every scan, apparently no issues. Task manager is still reads 100% disk usage constantly. I downloaded Avast Free, but the virus scan won't go past 0. Figured it must be Norton preventing it from working. I've tried removing Norton several times, but Norton's uninstaller crashes almost immediately everytime. Not sure what to try next.. unfortunately I lost my job recently, I have absolutely no money for a new pc or hdd. Thanks in advance for any advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:14 14 Apr 2017

HAve you tried a system restore to before you opened the RAr

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