? Possible install programs to 2nd HHD (E:) and not C: drive, pls???

  AroundAgain 10:10 20 Jun 2014


Windows 7

I have an SSD drive (C:) but, with the programs I've installed, was too full, ie showing as RED. I've uninstalled several programs and the SSD drive (C:) is now showing Turquoise, 14.8Gb of 111Gb free. This is an improvement but clearly I don't want to be installing further programs onto C:drive

Many programs give the option of installing to an alternative drive. Is it possible to force installation to a 2nd HDD (not Ext drive)? If so, how can I achieve this, please?

I've just tried to re-install TeamViewer, hoping to install to E:drive but I got no option. It's installed on C:drive again. :(

Thanks very much. All help, as usual, is greatly appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:35 20 Jun 2014

When you install always select custom install and you can then browse to where you want to install the program.

Not all programs will allow you to do this.

You can also move other folders off the SSD see Here

  Jollyjohn 10:38 20 Jun 2014

Some programs can be installed onto an alternate drive. You will get the option in the installation process as you have noted but if you don't get the option the program probably needs to be on C:.

Teamviewer I would expect needs to be on C: for security since it allow access to the PC.

Office suites tend to be quite large and most of them have the option of where to install. I always install games to a second drive.

Have you moved your "My Documents" etc to E: drive?

  AroundAgain 11:31 20 Jun 2014


Thanks to you both for your responses.

Yes, I put all other files on E:drive, ie My Documents, Photos etc. I now regularly move downloaded files from C:\Downloads, either to E:Drive or delete once installed. Other than that, the remaining seem to be either programs I can't install elsewhere or system files etc.

I really can't think of any other stuff that I can move over. I'll keep checking through folders for anything I've missed though.

I do have MS Office Pro installed but, as I use it a lot, including Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher, I wonder if it is best left where it is. How would speed while using it be affected if on a 'normal' HDD? I have now got LibreOffice on E:Drive but I don't use that so much so not a problem on there.

Maybe I need to consider a larger C:drive at some stage? It seems the prices are less and capacity increased since I got mine, of course.

If there are any other ideas, I'd be pleased to hear ;)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:32 20 Jun 2014

"Racing with the Thunder" just doesn't sound right with a silent electric bike


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:34 20 Jun 2014

oops wrong thread

  AroundAgain 11:41 20 Jun 2014

Thanks, MechKB 2, for your response

As you will see, I have already done most/all of what you have suggested. My E:drive is plenty large enough, being 2TB, and has less than 1/4 in use. I'm not a gamer so nothing I can move/delete on that one.

By deleting a few more files/folders, I now have 18Gb free on the SSD but that's only by deleting installed programs that I'm not using so often. I'll need to install them again before long. Hopefully, the majority, if not all, will be able to install on E:drive.

MechKB, you suggest 128Gb SSD should be ample for programs. So, how come I've not got so much unused space, especially when I've deleted quite a few programs? You've got me concerned now ;)

  AroundAgain 12:30 20 Jun 2014

Thanks, I'm just off out for the afternoon so will look at this later, hopefully this evening. Thanks very much for the suggestions/links Cheers J

  BRYNIT 14:27 20 Jun 2014

As others have said you can direct programs to install on any drive. I just created a folder called Programs and direct all installs to this. You may find the odd program has to be installed on the C drive.

You can also change the default browser download folder from the C drive.

In firefox select tools/options you should see downloads and save files to just select a file on the second drive.

In ie select tools/view downloads/options and change the default to a file on the second drive.

Not sure on other browsers.

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