Possible Harddrive Failure I Think

  chris05 21:36 27 Apr 2004

Okay this one is really for you ultra techies,First of system stats

Msi 845pe Mother brd
Pentium 4 2.4G (not clocked)
768mb Legacy ddr Ram
Geforce 3 Ti 200 Graph Card
5.1 Sound Blaster Live (on board sound disabled)
Liteon Dvd x16
liteon cdrw 523252

Maxtor 120g harddrive (master not partionend)
IBM 80g (slave also not partionend)
Both hard drives on ide 0

Good Case with good cooling, both harddrives have fans attached as well.
Windows xp sp1 (with all useful updates)
Norton Anit virus 2004
Zone Alarm (new free one)
adware free spyware free

Okay thats out the way the problem. Computer has been running great for about 8 monthes or more started to get a few random crashes and then the dreded sound from the harddrive really loud clunk clicking sound (or heads looking for park) computer freezes then reboots its self. So I decide to do a full format reinstall fresh windows xp Pro but now only more trouble blue screened about 3 time the last time it said Kernel_stack_inpage_error at the top of the error message at the bottom it said begining dump of physical memory had other code writing but i did not get it all I have numerouse errors in event viewer which I will post at the end. Okay thats it please help I have tried the usual scan disk and several harddrive diagnosis tools even self booting ones and they find nothing wrong with the drive. Go to the link below to view event log.
click here

If that link fails go here

click here

Thanks for any help given prior regards Chirs

  tony1160 21:41 27 Apr 2004

have you just upgraded graphics or memory,or possible installed new drivers for graphics as it seems like a driver related BSOD

  chris05 21:45 27 Apr 2004

I have had sevral problems with my ti200 cars and I have tried variouse drivers from old to new, i found the old one worked fine before the format but after the newest one worked better.

what about the noise from the drive could it also cause that ?

  tony1160 21:49 27 Apr 2004

the noise from your maxtor could be part of the same problem.have you currently got unsigned drivers for your graphics and sound, how long has norton 04 been installed?

  chris05 21:53 27 Apr 2004

both sound and graphics card are digitally sighned and I have had norton installed after and before my last format and it is fully up to date

  tony1160 21:59 27 Apr 2004

do you also have a firewall installed? as parts of your error log are pointing me that way

  chris05 22:03 27 Apr 2004

Zone Alarm

  Gaz W 22:05 27 Apr 2004

I've not had a problem with my Ti 200 card in my 2002 computer...

...as for the clunking noise from the hard drive, it might be the beginnings of a mechanical failure. I say this because I've just had the same problem with a 40GB Maxtor - click here to see the first thread.

My drive was so bad Scandisk couldn't complete, although it is still readable even now. Scandisk won't necessarily find anything wrong as it is scanning the surface of the disk and (correct me if I'm wrong) not the heads, etc.

  tony1160 22:07 27 Apr 2004

part of your error log click here point to this ,does the BSOD mainly happen whilst online

  Gaz W 22:07 27 Apr 2004

P.S. If you can get through Scandisk and this turns out to be the problem, I suggest Norton Ghost-ing it (or something similar), using another computer if necessary, before it gets any worse, IF this is the problem...

  chris05 22:30 27 Apr 2004

I see where you are coming from tony but even if I did´nt have a firewall up the worst thing it could be is a virus or worm or trojan i am of knowledge of all these hacks and after a full format and recreating the partions their are very few that would survive. as well as that norton is excellent at picking out unknown virus´s and the rest and as well as that I do have an up to date copy of zone alarm running.

Thanks for the reply as well gaz I got a full back up on my second pc as well as on my second harddrive so i am prepted for the worse.

thanks for the effort fellas and if you can think of anything else please let me know i have hit a brick wall at the moment with it.

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