possible hard drive problem

  clayton 16:37 05 Feb 2003

I have a maxtor 40gb drive about a year old & im not sure if theres something wrong with it when i click on C drive it takes me to C:\Documents and Settings, while im in there the text in Details is flickering, also i cant get internet explorer to work via the icon on the desktop, i have to use the start then explorer,once ive done that the pc works ok again, is the drive on its way out to you think ??

  Rayuk 17:22 05 Feb 2003

Download diagnostic programme from Maxtor and use it to test your drive.If there is something wrong with it it will give you a code error

  SmiffyRebel 17:26 05 Feb 2003

The only thing I can suggest is to back up any files that you want to keep then format the harddrive and do a clean install and see how the harddrive behaves with only the operating system installed.

  Gongoozler 17:32 05 Feb 2003

clayton, I think you hard drive is ok, this sounds more like a software problem.

You say that when you click on C drive etc. Can you explain more clearly where you are clicking. Is this an icon on your desktop or in "My Computer"?

If you can get into Internet Explorer via the Start button, I think your desktop shotcut is damaged. Delete it and create a new shortcut. The way I do this in Windows 98se is via Windows Explorer. Navigate to C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. Right click on Internet Explorer and select "Create Shortcut". Then drag the shortcut to the desktop. If you want you can edit the text under the shortcut to remove the (2). I then drag the shortcut to the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen. This reduces the desktop clutter and gives one-click opening.

  Rtus 17:33 05 Feb 2003

have you scanned for virus /trojans? your errors were similar to those I encountered the other week .Avg6(dos) found several virus and 2 trojans .( this was on a unprotected unit so may not be applicable) Also as above use the maxtor diag utility to test the hard drive before going any further .

  clayton 18:08 05 Feb 2003

Ive used avg to check for a virus & found nothing, when the pc boots up there is a fast clicking sound ( doesnt sound mechanical ) if i click on my documents my computer ect i get taken here C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents, also if i try to move a web page down with the slider the screen starts jumping up & down
the hard drive is a maxtor D740x, ive tried powermax but cant get it to work all i get is the A:This is a clean install of windows xp thats been working for about a week.

  Rtus 20:02 05 Feb 2003

to use powermax set the unit to boot from a: first then pop in boot disk (dos)run that >at the command prompt pop your maxtor util floppy in and type a:\powermax the menu will appear .

  Rtus 20:06 05 Feb 2003

A win 98 disk may work if Xp doesnt have one.

  clayton 20:42 05 Feb 2003

Hi Rtus i got powermax to run thanks but it shows no drives @ all on my pc, i have 2 hard drives & a dvd / cd-rw drives

I went into the bios to check the drives where shown there & noticed the date was spinning.

I think i might of found what the problem is i have a new Microsoft Multimedia keyboard & when i push the Messenger button all the problems stop.

  Rtus 22:18 05 Feb 2003

sticky key ? (have you tried a standard keyboard if you have one) that would interfere with powermax too.

  clayton 22:49 05 Feb 2003

The pcs working ok with the old keyboard.
With powermax i got this result
Bios Extension support FAIL
Partition informantion READ FAIL

The hard drive is working ok & i get no noise when the pc starts now.

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