Possible Hard drive problem?

  milkybarkid 00:18 10 Jul 2005

Hard drive analysys
PC fails to boot and shows \windows\system32\config\system file missing. I am reformatting & re-loading windows but am twitchy that I may have a hard drive problem. Is there any HD testing/checking freeware available?

Win XP Home. 40 gb HD

  Kev.Ifty 00:27 10 Jul 2005

Your going to have to search your HD's manufactures site. They usually have the test programmes for your HD.

You may have a problem with the software. If the system file is missing, that 'could' indicate a problem with the installation disk.

But try the HD makers site first.


  milkybarkid 09:36 10 Jul 2005

Have replaced my hard drive and on boot-up the screen states Primary Master....none. So cannot load Windows.

I have a couple of spare drives and have tried these and get the same message. Is it a mboard problem? Any ideas?

  Sharpamatt 09:50 10 Jul 2005

Check both the Cables( including both ends ) and Jumper settings

  milkybarkid 09:54 10 Jul 2005

Have replaced cables and checked jumpers. No good!

  Kev.Ifty 23:03 10 Jul 2005

Was there a problem before you opened your PC up?

Have you made sure the IDE Cable's 'Red edge' is at pin one. Like wise the CD Rom drive. Is the CD Rom connected via the secondary IDE. Make sure all is plugged in ok.

What about the bios! Set primary master to 'user' and see what happens.


  milkybarkid 23:32 10 Jul 2005

When I put the original drive back on circuit it finds it automatically in the BIOS and then flashes a warning stating that the drine is faulty. Backup all data etc. It is a Western Digital WD400 Enhanced IDE drive.

I am trying to fit a Quantum Fireball lct20. Is there something here that might be causing the problem?

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