Possible hard drive problem

  triflesterms 12:27 24 Jan 2005


I recently tried to reinstall windows xp pro, specs- amd duron 800mhz, 256 mb ram, 30gb hard drive.
Ive used xp pro on my pc before, ok whats happening is after formating the hard drive in windows setup i get, creating windows folder, cannot create please retry or restart, also before this happend i got a couple of disk boot failier a couple of times, im at a total loss what to do, hope someone out there knows whats happening & can help!



  georgemac 12:53 24 Jan 2005

what type of hard drive? click here and download the diagnostic utility from your hard drive manufacturer. You are really looking to make a bootable cd or floppy with the hard drive diagnostic software on it to check the disk before going any further.

If you need any help with the particular piece of software post back.

  triflesterms 13:39 24 Jan 2005


The hard drive is a maxtor, im offline at home at the moment so i cant download, using college pc, i have only got a win98se boot disk!
How could i get a xp boot disc?

Thanks for your help ;)

  georgemac 14:34 24 Jan 2005

click here & download this utility, and follow the instrcutions to make a bootbale floppy with this utility installed.

You will then need to ensure your pc boots from floppy, insert the floppy and run the tests.

For installing xp it is best to boot from the xp cd rom - you can set the boot options from the bios setup.

  triflesterms 13:05 28 Jan 2005


Ive got hold a floppy with windows 98, ive done check disk & Scan disk, it repaired a couple of bad clusters, i then tried to install 98se & it said that config.sys file is missing or corrupted, not sure if this is the main cause of the problem?
I have tried installing xp pro but my pc keeps freezing during early stages of setup.
I have no idea what to do next, i feel like im getting nowhere with this.
Hope someone can help.

  Completealias 13:14 28 Jan 2005

Sounds like your hard drives on the way out. Before trying to install 98 or xp again wipe the drive clean so you can have a fresh start. You may be able to get an o/s on the drive but i'd start looking into a new hard drive as it may only b a temp solution

  triflesterms 13:39 28 Jan 2005

Sorry i forgot to mention that i formatted the hard drive in dos, has im low on funds at the moment i was hoping there was something i could do to find out for sure if my hard drive is screwed?

  Completealias 13:47 28 Jan 2005

Hi the links that georgemac posted are for ultilitys that will verify if your hard drive is on the way out but in my opinon bad sectors are a sure sign that it is on the way i'm afraid

  JonnyTub 13:53 28 Jan 2005

It is most likely that the hd is on the way out, just incase, make sure the xp cd you are trying to boot from isn't damaged in any way, done this myself many times, even small smudges can cause problems.

  triflesterms 14:04 28 Jan 2005

ok, i'll check it & give it a clean, thanx

  georgemac © 14:20 28 Jan 2005

the drive may be OK - run the utility again to check it to ss if there are no bad clusters.

Your symptoms could also be caused by a memory fault - I would run a memory test utility from a boot floppy or cd-rom such as this click here

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