Possible Graphics Card Problem

  worf 15:41 07 Mar 2003

Hi all, can anyone help?

I am running XP Pro on a 1GB Athlon with 384mb SDRAM
I used to have an NVidea GForceII MMX 100/200 (Tornado) Graphics card. I started to experience problems with my PC which kept freezing and then came up with the following error:
"Microsoft Windows detected and recovered from a device failure. Please save your work and reboot to restore full functionality"

and then the screen would revert to a different colour setting.

My intention anyway was to upgrade the graphics card anyway and I have just done so to a NVidea GForce4 MX440SE-T with 64mb DDR. I thought this had resolved the problem however its started again. I get anywhere between 15mins and 1 hours use before it crashes.
I installed all drivers for it with my AV scanner and all background software stopped.

  worf 17:51 07 Mar 2003

I think I may have resolved the problem myself folks. Firstly rolled back the graphics driver then downloaded the rlevant update to a folder on my desktop. Opened up the Compatability wizard and set it to run with Win2000. So far havn't had a crash in the last 2 hours. Fingures crossed!

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