Possible Graphics card fault

  Koochy 13:55 15 Feb 2010

Hello one and all, I am having a little (well a lot really) of trouble with my HP laptop, when i tried to start the computer it starts up and gets to the windows splash screen then the problems start, The best way i can describe it is like interference as the screen gets lots of multi coloured lines on it and sometimes the picture goes to approx 45 degree angle then the computer just freezes and nothing else can be done other than hold the power button down to switch it off, The computer started up no problem at all in safe mode so I thought it may just be a corrupted driver so i have done a complete reinstall of windows (Everything is backed up onto an external drive so i have lost nothing) on the machine and this went through formatting the hard drive no problem and install factory setting went smooth too, then as soon as the machine re booted it started again with the fuzzy lines and then freezing.
I have removed the ram memory chips from the machine and tried one at a time in each of the 2 sockets then tried both in and the problem is still there which is leading me to think it may be the card but i am hoping that some of you kind people can give me some other things to try.
Laptop is a an HP DV9000 series with windows Vita home premium 32 bit, 3gb ram (2X 1.5), Nvidia Gforce Go 7600

Any further info required please ask and i will try and provide what you need

Thanks in advance


  User-312386 14:12 15 Feb 2010

Hi there. I dont know a huge amount about laptops, but if it were a desktop i would say the graphics card is overheating when under load. Can you take the graphics card out or clean the cooling fans on the laptop?

  Koochy 14:20 15 Feb 2010

Thanks for that Madboy, I am not too sure how easy it will be to get the card out but i am willing to give it a go, nothing ventured nothing gained i say and at the end of the day if it is knackered then it will just be a gift to the bin man!!!

  User-312386 15:09 15 Feb 2010

I meant the actual cooling fans on the laptop. I have only just recently bought a laptop and my fans which are at the back start up when the heat builds up.

  Koochy 15:35 15 Feb 2010

Ahhh......... okay i am with you now, i have just took it to bits and there was very little dust inside, i did however notice that one of the small wires to the graphics card was loose but i secured that and rebuilt the laptop and the fault is still there.

  User-312386 16:47 15 Feb 2010

Does the graphics card have a fan? If so was wondering if that may be clogged up. Like i said dont know to much about laptops. Funny though as i bought one on saturday on ebay

  Koochy 20:17 15 Feb 2010

Madboy the graphics card doesn't have its own fan so i am now thinking that the card must be gone, Damn

  ame 20:30 15 Feb 2010

Can you remove the graphics card? Will it run without the graphics card in?

  Koochy 21:01 15 Feb 2010

Thanks for the reply Ame, I have started the laptop up in safe mode and it ran for hours without problem but as soon as i start it up normally i get the fault back again. i think the card will come out but it is major surgery.

  ame 21:30 15 Feb 2010

Can you go into Device Manager and disable the graphics card and restart to see what happens?

  Koochy 21:52 15 Feb 2010

Sometimes i can get far enough to do that but other times i can't - i don't have the laptop with me at the minute but i will try it tomorrow, Thanks

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