Possible gpu problem, graphics glitches

  Lee Kidd 13:39 13 Nov 2019

Recently I’ve started getting glitches on some games on steam and it’s making them crash, it’s the same thing on each game and I’m wondering if it’s a problem with my gpu or another issue it’s a similar looking glitch to this

  wee eddie 15:43 13 Nov 2019

Just a possibility: If this is only a recent occurrence, there may have been a build up of dust on the fins of your GPU's heat-exchanger

  Lee Kidd 16:02 13 Nov 2019

I’ve given it a clean and reinstalled the drivers

  wee eddie 16:17 13 Nov 2019

But, assuming your GPU's Heat Exchanger has a cover. Have you taken that cover off, to clean underneath it?

  Lee Kidd 17:06 13 Nov 2019

I’ll try this when I get home, it only seems to affect 3 games though and only on steam, could it be a problem with steam?

  wee eddie 17:13 13 Nov 2019

I would agree that this may not be that answer, but it has been several times and it is cost free. Just a little time and TLC

  Lee Kidd 18:03 13 Nov 2019

Thanks for the help, I’ll give it a go

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