Possible Forum Problem, Unable To Change Profile.

  mooly 08:16 25 Aug 2013

I've just attempted to change my email address in my profile. All seems to go OK and the request is accepted and a verification email was sent out which I accepted.

Problem... it has set me up as a brand new user. All my previous post history etc has gone. Also my old login that I changed still works. So I now have two profiles of the same user name. One years old and one new !

Is it possible for an admin/moderator to merge these accounts please.

(Also on a more serious note... on the change details screen I was presented with one of those moving attention grabbing "your PC performance is poor, click here to fix" boxes). A bit like those "you are the 1000000 visitor and have won etc....")


  simonjary 10:13 25 Aug 2013


Not sure what has happened but we'll look at it on Tuesday.

If you see any more ads like that please take a screenshot and send in to me, please - details on Contact page.



Publisher, PC Advisor

  mooly 11:33 25 Aug 2013

Thanks Simon... I have a screen shot but there seem to be more issues too. I'm posting this from my W7 PC, however my Vista PC also just had this "fix your PC" message flash up the instant I logged out of PCA. I logged out so that I could see which login/s were active and working but find that neither work. I just get held on the "please wait" screen. I've tried many times and cleared all cookies (all everything actually, full browser clean) but no joy.

Here are the screen shots... once I log out of here I might not get back :)

click here I get any replies to this it will be interesting to see which email account they go to.



  mooly 18:02 25 Aug 2013

I've just had another try at this and no joy. One more screen shot here,

click here shows me with a new email address entered and I then click update. All that happens is that I get returned to the PCA home page and my profile hasn't been updated with the new address. I also get IE10 warning of a slow running script.

Out of some 40+ sites where I have updated login info today, this one has been the problem.


  woodchip 18:31 25 Aug 2013

Do not know if it's linked, but I kept having to log in yesterday. Though I was logged in

  mooly 07:39 26 Aug 2013

I don't know woodchip. Your thread notifier still comes through on my old email address (as expected really).

  mooly 07:57 26 Aug 2013

This gets even more bizarre. After me posting the 7.39am reply, I have just received an email notification of that post (my post) and it has come to my new email address. My profile (when I last looked) shows the old email address and I have to still log on with the old email address.

That to me suggests there are now TWO profiles of me on the forum.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:13 26 Aug 2013

I was PM my a member, at my request I might add, I got an email,eventually, asking if I will accept the communication. I of course clicked yes. Some 30 minutes later I received the email from the member.

One has to assume that this is all an automated system so why does it not run as smoothly and simply as it does on other forums? Everything you do here is always that much more hassle,no wonder so many regulars have jumped ship.

  spuds 13:09 26 Aug 2013

One thing that I find that's becoming annoying, is when some times you get the 'Server Overload''Sorry' or similar message, and then the site shows that you need to 'login' again, because apparently you have been logged-out from the website. Yet if you back-track, there is no requirement to 'login' because you are where you was originally, and you were not logged-out, if that makes sense?.

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