possible faulty bios??

  Blokka 20:40 29 Jan 2004

A friend of mine recently reinstalled windows xp as his system would lockup say for about 10-20 secs then come back to life.
Since doing a reinstall he has found that the problem is still there, only this time it will do it even on the desktop when nothing is running.
We updated his bios on his motherboard which is a asus a7n8x (version1) before he did a complete reinstall so since it is still locking up could this be down to a dodgy bios or is there some other underlying problem?

  Big Elf 21:00 29 Jan 2004

It could be Anti-Virus running in the background?

What are the specifications of the system e.g. processor and amount of RAM?

  GrahamP 21:04 29 Jan 2004

Was that a clean re-install ie format and then install? If it wasn't I've found that software problems can persist.

Also, if this is XP, have you checked the event log? My computer/manage/event viewer.

  Blokka 21:22 29 Jan 2004

The cpu is a 2500 barton and he has 512 DDR400 ram.
He does have norton system works 2003 which runs in the background, however this problem never realy started until we flashed the bios, it maybe just coincidence but with pc's you never can tell

  DieSse 21:59 29 Jan 2004

I strongly recommend that you totally remove Norton System Works, even to the extent of doing a re-install and not putting Norton in again.

Then see if the problem is still there.

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