Possible CPU damage

  SmithG1955 13:01 23 Nov 2003

I've recently been plagued by total system freezes and was advised that this was indicative of an overheated CPU. I obtained a more powerful heatsink and fan which I fitted but cannot get the PC to do anything. I get no onscreen display ie just a black screen and both the red and green lights on the front of the case are permanently on. I had to prise the old heatsink off the CPU and I may have applied too much heatsink compound. Are the symptoms I've described due to a CPU problem or could I have dislodged something else when I was in there?

  A_World_Maker 13:07 23 Nov 2003

If the problem existed before the heatsink change, it might be (the cheapest solution) the PSU (Power Supply Unit) not giving voltages across the full spectrum... or... (the most expensive) the CPU is fried.

  Rayuk 13:40 23 Nov 2003

Did you clean off all the old compound off the cpu??before using new
If you think you may have knocked something either just check all cables etc are tight or remove then reinstal them.

  Gongoozler 13:49 23 Nov 2003

Hi SmithG1955. What is your cpu? If it isn't one of the latest and fastest it may not be that expensive to replace. Unless it is a very fast processor, you are unlikely to have damaged it by applying too much heatsink compound. Green light on the case front usually indicates power on, red light indicates hard drive active. If you don't get any beep sounds at startup, then the computer isn't doing anything, and the most likely causes are faulty processor, motherboard or power supply. The difficult part is deciding which one. If you can give us more information about your system we may be able to give a few pointers.

  SmithG1955 13:57 23 Nov 2003

PSU is a recent replacement. No beep on startup just fan sounds and hdd activity. Pcchips 850MLR motherboard with AMD 1200 "Thoroughbred" CPU. Hope this will provide a definite cause. Thanks for all responses so far.

  Gongoozler 14:22 23 Nov 2003

Hi SmithG1955. I'm having trouble finding anything about the Pc Chips 850MLR motherboard. A new processor of the kind of spec you have is fortunately not too expensive. The main problem is finding one that slow! The slowest I could find were a Duron 1300 at £21.49 + vat, and an Athlon XP1900 at £33.49 + vat, (click here) but without being able to find the motherboard spec, I can't say what you can fit, although the Duron would almost certainly be ok. I have recently been very successful in fitting the PC Chips Syntax motherboard, and this is currently available at the ridiculously low price of £19.12 inclusive of vat click here.

  Cretin07 14:26 23 Nov 2003

heatsink compound? what chip is yours? If it is amd, your not supposed to use the compound, just a thermal pad will do which is impossible to get too much on. The compound is only used for testing the cpu which researchers use for a short amount of time, as it isnot intended for long term use.

  Cretin07 14:28 23 Nov 2003

another possibility, you might have dislodged the graphics card if there is no display and just fans etc. happened when i was building my pc and the gfx cardwas faulty. just an idea.

  SmithG1955 14:29 23 Nov 2003

Sorry Gongoozler m/board is 810MLR socket462 200/266MHz support.

  Gongoozler 14:50 23 Nov 2003

If this is the 810LMR motherboard, then the processor speed it can take depends on the model number click here. The difference is probably in the BIOS version.

As suggested by Cretin07, check that all plug in cards and cables are properly seated before assuming that anything is faulty. An important point is whether there is any beep from the case speaker. If there is, the power supply, motherboard and processor are ok. If there isn't, then it will come down to a process of elimination.

  SmithG1955 15:33 23 Nov 2003

Cretin07 - m/board has onboard graphics and I have reseated all power and data connections. Gongoozler - M810LR is revision 7.0a according to the sticker on it. I intend to purchase 1.6 Duron, any tips on correct fitting of CPU and heatsink would be appreciated. Once again thanks for all responses.

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