Possible Conflict between Firefox and BullGuard Anti Virus

  Border View 11:27 04 May 2014

I run with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and use Firefox as my browser. I recently downloaded in installed a 60 day free trial of BullGuard antivirus. I am not sure if they are connected but Firefox has started to stop responding and the screen freezes up.

Yes I did uninstall MSE before I installed this free trial antivirus.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Could it be a conflict between Firefox and BullGuard?

I would welcome your comments before I uninstall Bullguard and possibly download free Avast.

  Border View 12:03 04 May 2014

I've just downloaded the latest version (29) of Firefox. I shall wait and see if this makes a difference.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:05 04 May 2014

Agree get rid of free trial stuff as it will nag you to death.

How did you get rid Of MSE? As fragments could be causing conflicts with Bull guard.

There are no problems with free Avast and FF as I use these OK.

  Border View 23:33 04 May 2014

Thank you for responding Fruit Bat. With regard uninstall of MSE I think I did an uninstall via programs in Control Panel.

I used to use Avast and will now return to it. I shall use Revo Uninstall to remove Bullguard.

Shall keep you posted.

  [DELETED] 23:48 04 May 2014

I wouldn't use Revo to uninstall a security program. You might end up with more problems. Follow the instructions here from Bleeping Computers. Download from the author's link and it has instructions. I would then reboot and run Ccleaner and its registry cleaner.

Avast free is excellent but watch while installing to untick Google toolbar and any other "unsuitables" and you'll be fine.

  Border View 23:57 04 May 2014

rdave13 - unfortunately I didn't see your posting and used Revo. I did notice during the uninstall that Bullguards uninstall program clicked in.

I've installed Avast Free and uninstalled Google Chrome which came with it.

I noticed that Avast Free doesn't have a firewall. Would welcome suggestions on what to use for a firewall. Many thanks.

  [DELETED] 00:06 05 May 2014

From Vista up the Windows firewall is okay. You shouldn't need a third party one. Remember to register with free Avast and occasionally check for program updates. Definitions update automatically though.

  Border View 00:13 05 May 2014

Thanks for the heads up about registering Avast. Just done that.

Brain isn't working tonight - where do I find Windows Firewall to turn it on please. I know I should know but got a blank.

  Border View 00:16 05 May 2014

Found it - it was already turned on.

Thanks again for all help received. Much appreciated.

  [DELETED] 00:18 05 May 2014

Good to know you let Bullguard's own uninstaller to run within Revo. Usually you need to ignore the uninstaller to remove stubborn programs and Revo will remove. However I've been bitten twice with Revo, once removing a security program and once removing a Microsoft program. Left with damaged registry and not able to re-install.

  Border View 23:07 05 May 2014

Thanks for that rdave13 will watch Revo in the future.

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