Possible Bios Problem.

  Sparkly 10:36 23 Jun 2011

Had an email this morning from an old friend saying he had a problem with his desktop, the message on the screen reads, RV370SE /N 113-AA31000-100-PC.BIOS 113-PC5000-04 He cannot log on at all. Do you think the PC has come to the end of its working life? I have searched on google for the message but not had any luck, could anyone suggest what to do. Thanks. Windows XP SP3.

  birdface 10:40 23 Jun 2011

Safe mode if it works and restore to a time that it did work.Or last good configuration.

  woodchip 11:38 23 Jun 2011

Yes just done a check it looks like you need a new Graphic card for you HP Desktop PC

  Sparkly 12:27 23 Jun 2011

Thanks all for the help i will be visiting him at the weekend and will try all of your suggestions. Many thanks will let you know the outcome.

  birdface 13:51 23 Jun 2011

While there check the air vents for dust and fluff.If needing cleaned inside will also nee cleaning.

  robin_x 20:26 23 Jun 2011

Some graphics cards have backup BIOSes?

Check your model. Dunno if it may help, I just stumbled on this fact a few weeks ago and I happened to remember.

graphics card dual backup bios

  Sparkly 09:57 28 Jun 2011

Hi all had a look at the machine over the weekend took another graphics card with me and installed it allso gave it a good blow out to rid it of fluff/dust left it working, had an email this am stating all was still working well and he was a happy bunny, thankks to all for your replyies.

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