Possible to add KEYWORDS to file ???

  FST2003 21:40 14 Jan 2006


I will try and explain. I have a bunch of PIC's/WEB Template Files/Etc and I want to be able to sort them and find certain ones depending on what the project I'm doing calls for...meaning:

Lets say:
photo #1 is a sunrise with a small pond and two little kids walking

photo #2 is a sunrise with a huge lake and one adult man walking his dog

photo #3 is a sunrise with a small pond and one adult man walking

In order to find the photos I need for a newsletter I'm doing on 'How men should get more exercise's and I want to pull up photos of men or man walking.

If I was able to add certain keywords for each PIC/FILE/etc, it would be:
photo #1 sunrise,small pond,little kids
photo #2 sunrise,lake,man walking,dog
photo #3 sunrise,pond,man walking

Also alot of the files I want to add keywords are web template with an extension of .html and when you right click and goto properties, it gives you no such option to add a keyword.

It would make finding either files or pic's much easier. I'm sorry if my writing was a bit much or confusing. I had a tuff time trying to find the words to explain. Please let me know if there is a program for this or a certain way to do it. Thanks so much for your time and looking forward to hearing back soon.

PS: I know you can add the keywords to the name of the file and when you do a search, it will find it but this will give the file a very long name and I want to somehow add the keywords to the background.

Thanks again,
John K

  Skyver 21:45 14 Jan 2006

Picasa (free) has a `label` system which might help click here

  FST2003 00:54 15 Jan 2006


Thanks for taking the time, but I also need to add keywords to other file type extensions...like htm and html.

I know there has to be this kind of software out there I just dont know where it is. I tried searching on tucows and zdnet but either I over looked them or they dont have it.

Thanks again,

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