Possible activate Norton by dialup, ready 4 BB?

  polymath 14:26 15 Jul 2008

I'm setting up my new (ish) computer system that has a 90-day trial of Norton Internet Security 2007 preinstalled, but not yet activated.
Coincidentally, I'm getting broadband any day now (community style that is, transmitted from a mast).
Is it possible to activate Norton now, by dialup, ready for my first foray on broadband? (I presume my BB installation will involve testing it straight away).
I've never used Norton (only Trend PC-Cillin, and only for dialup, and not for some time as they've stopped supporting Win98SE).
Does Norton Security have a quick way to switch between dialup and broadband security levels, and/or can the BB mode also be used with dialup? (I'm keeping the dialup as a standby, and also can't be 100% sure the BB will work here).
And (sorry - keep thinking of things!) - does getting broadband other than through the phone line cause any complication in setting up the security suite?

I don't know whether the BB installer can do a test without exposing the system to attacks (it's hard to get him on the phone; he's usually out installing).

I've tried Norton's website (not without difficulty at 9.6kbps), but their email form seems to require a product key/order number, so it doesn't look as if I can ask them before I've got the answer.

(Packard Bell Ixtreme X2711, preinstalled withVista Home Premium).

  polymath 14:29 15 Jul 2008

If I don't respond for a while, don't be offended (apart from other activities, it might be my timeouts etc!)

  Clapton is God 14:36 15 Jul 2008

Don't even waste your time activating Norton.

Greatest resource hog known to man.

Use any of the excellent free AV and anti-malware programs such as Avast, SpywareBlaster, Defender, A-Squared.

  polymath 21:00 15 Jul 2008

Thanks, Clapton is God.

I'd gathered too that many of the security suites have become somewhat bloated (the powerful ones, anyway). For instance, one of the PC Advisor cuttings I've kept together for my new setup says they have (including PC-cillin). It recommends a less resource-hungry one, and I'll look it out once I'm on broadband and can follow it up.

Meanwhile, having installed nothing yet in the new PC, it has plenty of memory to spare so far, the broadband could be coming tomorrow, and the free Norton trial will tide me over until I can browse for info about security apps, do downloads etc.

I tried Avast with this older machine I'm using tonight (when I couldn't use PC-cillin any more), and Avast was one of the few that still support 98SE); but had to give up with it as I couldn't send emails (it changed the outgoing address every time). With the old machine I am using Outpost firewall, but no antivirus; common-sense precautions seem easier than a difficult antivirus app (touch wood!). (Especially as I'm retiring the old one from exposure to the internet, as soon as the new one's in business).

Does anyone know about the dialup/broadband activation thing?

  citadel 21:08 15 Jul 2008

I used to acivate norton when I had dial up it did not take long. I still have norton and have never had a problem.

  polymath 20:40 16 Jul 2008

Thanks citadel.

If I do that, will there be any problem then changing Norton's settings to broadband mode, or switching between them? Or maybe Norton's BB settings would also be ok for dialup?
Or maybe there's no difference?

Sorry to be so clueless, but I can't remember what the procedure is when installing/setting up a security suite, and have only ever had a dialup connection. I first installed Pc-cillin in 2001, just kept upgrading it, and uninstalled it last year to clear the space (when updates stopped for 98SE).

  citadel 21:52 16 Jul 2008

when I changed to broadband it worked just the same except of course it updated a lot faster. with norton, setting up is easy just pick recommended from the pop up boxes.

  polymath 13:37 17 Jul 2008

Thanks, citadel! Problem solved I think.

I thought it was likely I could do it, but wanted to check that I wasn't going to mess up the free trial/didn't have to take chances with security.

I didn't know anyone I could ask. When we moved from London 15 years ago I lost touch with the local pool of computer expertise (in the less computer-literate area where we live now, I'm it!).

I'll tick this resolved once the broadband & security are set up, in case of further questions (should be within the next few days).

Thanks again!

  polymath 17:45 06 Sep 2008

Back to Square One; the broadband installer couldn't get a good enough signal from our place. There's another mast going up soon, so fingers crossed I might get it in another few months.

Meanwhile, I can't get the new system (2 computers to be exact, desktop and laptop) connected to the internet at all, so needing security software for them is a bit of a dream at the moment anyway!

To go a bit off topic, I bought the computers last November. After a lengthy saga getting into Vista, then getting it to recognise my USB dialup modem, I got both of them connected to the internet (and immediately disconnected them, being without a security app. enabled). I haven't been able to connect them since. Having received/found and tried lots of advice, I think it's my phone line. The connection speed was 16kbps that time when they connected OK, but it's got even worse, varying between 12kb and 4.6.
I'm about to follow the advice in PC Advisor etc about speeding up Vista (opting out of the pretty interface etc), in the hope that it'll enable it to connect (I reinstalled the modem countless times, but Vista didn't recognise it until I happened to go off in the middle & do something else; I'm used to 98SE, which is somewhat snappier).
Even if I can get the Vista machines connected, there's the problem of downloading all the updates (they probably preinstalled an early version), therefore whether I can use Vista at all (or somehow get XP), therefore whether I can actually use the new computers. (But that's well off topic!)

I've uninstalled the Norton security stuff anyway (using the Norton Removal Tool, downloaded to the old computer & transferring via USB drive). I have a choice of preferable security software on cover disks (though, as someone pointed out, modern malware might struggle with 4.6kbps!)

Thanks again for the help.

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