Portege 3490CT load operating system no cd drive

  cyberphobic 23:24 12 Aug 2008

I have just bought a laptop as above in excellent condition with new 40GB HDD fitted - only one problem - I didn't realise that a CD drive is not standard!! Is there a clever way that I can load an operating system without using a CD drive? There is a genuine Windows 2000 sticker and I have a 2000 CD, I have a network, an external Hard Drive, a large capacity USB pen. There's got to be a way of doing this, hasn't there???

  Diodorus Siculus 00:25 13 Aug 2008

Check the options for boot up in the BIOS. See if there is a network boot option. Failing that, a USB boot options.

If either is present, you can get the OS on that way.

  cyberphobic 05:31 13 Aug 2008

I've established that I can boot from LAN, but havr no idea what to do next - can someone point me in the right direction please?

  Ditch999 15:32 13 Aug 2008

Forget about LAN booting.

Try to see if there is a USB or removable storage boot option. You need to copy the W2K disk to either the external harddisk or flash drive and enable Legacy USB support in the BIOS.

BTW Is there a floppy dive?

  woodchip 15:34 13 Aug 2008

Buy a USB external DVDRW Drive

  woodchip 15:36 13 Aug 2008
  woodchip 15:56 13 Aug 2008

Yep that can be done also, But a Drive would be better as you can then load programs without the need to keep taking the drive out. Plus you would need a USB 2.5 Caddy to mount the Laptop drive in

  cyberphobic 00:05 14 Aug 2008

Thanks for all responses, an external DVD drive seemed the most straightforward solution - have been fortunate enough to buy a new one with warranty (including p and p) for £25 on eBay - will post with my progress. Thanks again

  cyberphobic 08:05 01 Sep 2008

I have just returned to this problem having been away for a couple of weeks, but I've immediateLy hit one of those chicken and egg problems! The laptop can't see the external CD/DVD drive because the driver for it is not installed and I cannot install the driver because no operating system is installed! Could someone please advise me how best to proceed so that I can load an operating system on the laptop's HDD?

  Quiller. 08:51 01 Sep 2008

connect the cdrom with the win 200 disk in. Shut down the computer.

Hold down the C key and start the machine, when the toshiba logo appears let go of the C key.


The manual says you need either a multi media port replicator or a TOSHIBA external cdrom drive.

  cyberphobic 09:11 01 Sep 2008

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately, it didn't work for me

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