Portable HDD information please!!

  spidermonkey 14:38 11 Jun 2007

Due to my companies hard and fast rules we are not allowed to install any games on our company laptops (even if we are asked to travel all over the world and are generally bored stiff for hours on planes!!). I thought that a good way round this would be to use a portable hard disk and install the games on that (Champ Manager, Tiger Woods or the like) and run it from the extrenal HDD through my laptop so getting round the issue of clogging up the laptiops hard drive with non work related things and me getting some entertainment while bending the rules.

Is this possble given that the portable HDD would be running through a USB or some other connection?

I'm a bit of a PC novice so any info much appreciated!! Thanks!

  xania 14:52 11 Jun 2007

Problem is that some of these games still install data in the registry and this could fly in the face of your company policy. However, this is small fry compared with having all the program files on your C:\ drive.

Sooner or later, your company will know what you have done, so best come clean and ask whether your idea will be acceptable to them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:30 11 Jun 2007

Due to my companies hard and fast rules we are not allowed to install any games on our company laptops

Suprised they have even let you have access to the C: drive or given you aministrator privilidges so you could install anything, if they are that concerned.

Make and model of laptop?

Buy another HDD and adaptor (caddy) for the laptop. swap drives and instal windows (you could even use same license No. as its same machine), make yourself administrator and install what you like.

Just swap drives as required one for work and one for play.

  wee eddie 19:11 11 Jun 2007

would act as a Choke.

Possibly not enough bandwidth to play a game, anyway most Laptops are crap at games.

The Rules being Hard and Fast, I would avoid the P45 option, and seek solace elsewhere.

If that is written into your contract, breaking it's Terms and Conditions becomes a "Gross Misdemeanour" and you would be liable for immediate dismissal with probable Loss of Privileges and many of your Legal Rights.

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