Portable hdd

  Graysonlad 12:50 17 Aug 2007

I have a desktop computer running Windows ME. This computer I use for personal/household stuff. I also have the use of a new laptop that belongs to someone else and it has Windows XP. My use of the laptop is on the condition that any personal stuff must remain separate from the data on the lap top.

My thought was to buy a portable HDD download my old stuff from the desktop, plug the drive into the laptop and work on and save my data between the laptop and portable HDD.
Question 1: Is this a viable solution?
Question 2: What problems might I encounter?
Question 3: What portable HDD would anyone suggest as suitable?
Question 4: Is there a way to move my old emails over to the HDD and when I receive emails on the laptop send/save them on the portable drive?

  Jak_1 13:36 17 Aug 2007

Your cheapest way would be to get an enclosure box and a new internal hdd. Format the new hdd by slaving it to your present drive and then copy all data that you want to transfer to it. Then take out the new drive put the jumper back to master and pop it in the enclosure box then simply pug it into the laptop via a usb lead. It will probably require a seperate power unit that comes supplied with the enclosure box.

Not sure about the email side though.

  mick7 21:05 17 Aug 2007

I am in the process of trying "U3 drive" (kind of formatted USB drive)I can put all my stuff on any pc. photos, documents, run firefox, E mail, etc. and when I remove the drive, everything goes with it. there is a post on helproom (search for "SanDisk Cruzer flash drive" giving some info and a good link to an alternative, click here

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