Portable hard drive - advice

  [DELETED] 14:19 06 Dec 2003

I have 2 PCs (1 main use, 1 occasional) networked in my home. I want to: (a) back up the entire hard drive of the main PC (to protect against its hard drive failure) and (b) have an additional amount of storage for the second PC which being a few years old only has 5 GB.

I am thinking of getting a portable hard drive of say 80GB to use for both these duties. All I've seen so far have either a USB or a Firewire connection.

Questions: My main PC (Evesham Athlon 1GHz) does have USB connections; my second (200MHz pentium) doesn't. Can I install a USB connection in second PC and then use portable drive in both? Should I go for Firewire which would need new connections in both PCs?

How do I generate a complete "image" of my main PC's drive? Can I store this alongside other data on the device?

Is my proposal sensible?



  [DELETED] 14:23 06 Dec 2003

use ghost to copy hard drive & I know that click here have a usb to ide, that will allow you to connect a drive to it, check with them to see if it will work,hope this helps

  Diodorus Siculus 14:28 06 Dec 2003

Have a look at click here for an excellent guide to using Ghost in all possible formats.

I think that you may well need a USB2 port for an external hdd - USB may be too slow (but I am not certain of this).

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