Port hell

  Kate B 21:30 12 Jan 2003
  Kate B 21:30 12 Jan 2003

I've got a Sony Clie that's run perfectly happy for ages, but suddenly I'm unable to hotsync - the Clie tells me that the port is in use by another application. I've got no idea what this might be as I haven't added any new toys to my PC for ages - anybody got any thoughts?

  Forum Editor 21:38 12 Jan 2003

Email client trying to grab the port perhaps? Do you fax from the Clie?

The chances are that something's nabbing the port at startup and won't let go.

  Kate B 21:39 12 Jan 2003

Hi Guy - I do email from the Clie via a Bluetooth memory stick - could that be the culprit? Any idea how to fix it? I've taken the MS out ...

  Brian-336451 22:05 12 Jan 2003

If it happens, a reboot usually sorts it out. It happens to me when I have faxed from my computer.

  Forum Editor 23:24 12 Jan 2003

but I'm not Guy. You might remember me as china.

I doubt that the memory stick istelf is the culprit, especially as you've taken it out. More likely to be the Fax modem grabbing the port. I'm not that familiar with the Clie to be honest.

  Kate B 11:42 13 Jan 2003

China, congratulations on the change of identity! Thanks for the input. I don't actually fax from the Clie (apart from its pretty clothes, it's a standard Palm OS machine), though I do email occasionally.

not THAT Brian May, a reboot hasn't cured the problem. Hmm. I think I'm going to try reinstalling the software. Mercifully, all the data is backed up on to its Memory Stick. Thanks so much for the input.

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