Port closing

  PGI 23:26 26 Nov 2004

Can someone tell me how to get Norton internet security to stealth closed ports. I've run a check from their website and it is showing the ports as 3 open and most closed, with only 2 showing as stealth. It classifies it as "at risk" and suggests I instal internet security, I've tried to find someway to override the standard settings without success, any help will be appreciated.

  Technotiger 08:37 27 Nov 2004

Hi, I don't use Norton, but in ZA(Free) under the heading Firewall there are two sliders where one can set levels of Stealth, one is for the Internet Zone and the other is for the Trusted Zone. Works very well indeed, a check on Shields Up shows fully stealthed, depending on your own settings. Hope this is of some help!!

  PGI 11:36 27 Nov 2004

I checked the control panel, reset to default and upped level to high, rebooted and ran another check. It has stealthed one more port but most are still just closed. More worrying, some seem open for no reason.

  Technotiger 12:46 27 Nov 2004

Sorry friend, I am not qualified enough to give any better advice. I would assume that you have already done all your normal virus/trojan/adaware checks? But hang-on in there, I am sure someone else here will come up with a solution for you.
Good luck.

  Technotiger 12:50 27 Nov 2004

btw - I would not worry too much about the Closed ones, on my system All are closed, but I have a hardware Firewall as well as ZA, so mine is ok.
The Open ones are a different story but hopefully, as I said, someone else will offer the solution.

  PGI 16:45 27 Nov 2004

Thanks for the advice, I regularly run adaware and the computer is setup to scan for any viruses every morning, so I think its clear at the moment.
If anyone else has any ideas I would be grateful.

Ps. it runs through a wireless router if that would make any difference.

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