Port 80 to stealth mode

  absent 13:46 25 Jul 2004

The Shields up website is showing my port 80 as open, I have confirmed that my ISP is not blocking port 80. I am using WinXP and Sygate free edition firewall,how can I put port 80 in to stealth mode.


  Valvegrid 13:48 25 Jul 2004

You need port 80 open to access the internet, also port 110 and port 25 for your emails.

  absent 14:01 25 Jul 2004

Ports 25 and 110 are shown as in stealth mode, so surely port 80 can be put to stealth mode.


  €dstowe 14:09 25 Jul 2004

Don't over-concern yourself in turning your computer into a fortress.

Use your computer for something useful and stop thinking that every Tom, Dick, Fritz, Mohammed, Pedro or Nicholai trying to gain access to it, because they aren't.

  absent 14:22 25 Jul 2004

€dstowe, I understand what you are saying but I have become sick of all the spyware, viruses,hijackers etc that I do wish to make my computer as secure as I reasonably can. I have come to the conclusion that if it is possible for the malevolents out there to do something they eventually will. I do not wish to close port 80 just put it into steath mode if this is possible, if it is not I will not worry any further.

  €dstowe 14:28 25 Jul 2004

I assume you are running the usual and conventional nasties stoppers - Adaware, a squared, Spybot S&D, Spywareblaster, Spywareguard, a good anti-virus and a good firewall?

These keep the majority of computer users quite safe.

The next important thing is to keep them up to date and not to use programs or visit websites where there is a proven danger of picking something up.

  Graham ® 14:33 25 Jul 2004

Especially those ending .ru!

  Valvegrid 14:35 25 Jul 2004

You can probably stealth it, but its got to open occasionally to allow traffic backwards and forwards and when the cat comes through the cat-flap, the fleas come with it!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:38 25 Jul 2004

Stealthing port 80 will not stop trojans, spyware or viruses. Your home computer will not get hacked so stealthing 80 is a bit pointless. Leave it as it is and you will be OK. Steve Gibson does not always get it right.....click here I would take anyhting that he writes with a huuuuuge pinch of salt.


  absent 15:18 25 Jul 2004

After a little research, I have found that WinXPs
own firewall stealths all ports. I know it only prevents incoming but shows it is not difficult to acomplish. I understand also that there are other free firewalls that can do this, so for future reference if anyone else is interested try various firewalls, I believe Tiny may be one of them and will try it when I have time.

  bremner 15:32 25 Jul 2004

I have attended Computer crime conferences where case studies have been given of Home Computers being compromised by hackers.

It is very unusual but it does happen - with one particular example being particularly traumatic for the victims.

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