Port 80 is open should i be worried?

  tomsdad 13:03 19 Feb 2003

I have just been to the Shields Up web site and found out that Port 80 HTTP is open on my computer, reading there it says I might have a Backdoor trogon, I have run Adware but that did not find anything, should I be worried?

  MAJ 13:46 19 Feb 2003

Have run your virus checker to see if you're clean? Also, what about a firewall, do you have one, tomsdad?

  Stuartli 13:48 19 Feb 2003

I get exactly the same message - I have ZoneAlarm, Ad-Aware (now version 6) etc and have not noted anything suspicious over a considerable period of time.

  tomsdad 13:54 19 Feb 2003

I have got Norton AV and ZoneAlarm Plus, done a full AV scan did not find anything. tomsdad

  Gaz 25 15:07 19 Feb 2003

Is used by hackers and Trojans, but if you have good Anti-Virus everything should be OK, try putting the Block level on some programs up, or turn it into stealth mode, but still browserble, and re-run the test, if it is still open, the probe they are using is getting past your firewall.

  recap 15:13 19 Feb 2003

click here for a list of ports.

As Gaz 25 mentioned, it should be in stealth mode.

I use Tiny Firewall and when I run the Shields Up! test, all ports are listed as 'Stealth Mode'.

I have also followed the 'Network Bondage' instructions on the GRC site to further improve security.

  tomsdad 10:32 22 Feb 2003

I think I might have found out why Port 80 shows as open when I run ShieldsUp, I found this posted in a Security Forum:

"Some users who have a firewall and go to port scans like ShieldsUp or other sites that say port 80 is open. If you don't have a server, viruses/ trojans, or programs that are not opening port 80, it could be your ISP. This does not mean your ISP is spying on you. Here is the reason why your ISP shows port 80 open"

"Some ISP's block all packets going to your port 80, thus you get a stealthed reading, even if you do have a server on port 80. Some ISP's will reply from their port 80 as if they were you, thus either being seen as closed or open, depending on the reply they return. In either case, you are unable to let people connect to your port 80, if you want it or not. ISP's often specifically refuse (or charge extra) to allow you hosting a server.

"Some ISP that does this is UK's Freeserve"

I am with Freeserve so this might be the reason why, is there anybody else on Freeserve who gets Port 80 as open when they go to ShieldsUp, Tomsdad.

  Audeal 12:49 22 Feb 2003

Hi Tomsdad. I am with Freeserve and I just did a check on my ports with Shields Up and can report that ALL my ports are in Stealth Mode, including Port 80. This shows that Freeserve does not effect all systems in the way yours is effected.

  Drawde 13:04 22 Feb 2003

Hi tomsdad.

If you install a firewall this will solve your problem. I have 'Norton Internet seurity 2003' and it does as exactly as it says on the tin!

Unless you already have Norton on your system, go for the standard version and just install as the cd-rom says.

That should solve your problem completely and just let it operate in the background as it 'll soon tell you of any backdoor trojans etc!.

  microswift 14:37 22 Feb 2003

Port 80 will be open if you are using a proxy server.

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