Pornography sites - help please.

  GORAL 19:30 05 Dec 2004

I look after and maintain a PC for my 14 year old Grandson. His Father knows very little about IT. A few weeks ago I 'proved' to his Dad that he had been accessing various 'porno' sites, there was a big 'to-do' and the boy promised never to do it again.

I was at their home checking the PC again today and in searching through the Registry found an astonishing number of varied porno and sex sites listed. My Grandson has admitted that he has "looked" at a couple of porno sites again.

I do not pretend to be a PC expert - hence my question which I hope our more expert members of the Forum can help me with:- Is it possible in the course of using the Internet INNOCENTLY to pick up Registry entries relating to obscene sites. I am of course aware that such sites use insidious methods of 'drawing' in young people. Or does what I found today mean that the boy MUST HAVE visited these various sites?

Your advices would be gratefully accepted.

  [email protected] 19:41 05 Dec 2004

not too sure but if previous visits have left spyware that causes porn pop ups then they may still be popping up now even without intentionally visiting them?

  Graham ® 19:44 05 Dec 2004

The Registry entries are probably from the databases of anti-spyware programs, Adaware, Spybot, etc.

Leave the lad alone!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:46 05 Dec 2004

It is unlikely that he could have visited these sites unintentionally especially as he has been doing this before, one or two...perhaps.

The registry entries can be picked up innocently or be left over from previous 'cleanings'. Give him a good talking to, put the computer in the living room where it can be seen and point out that whilst viewing Pr0n is better than mugging/scamming pensioners or TWOCing, it really is a bit of a no-no for the under 18's....point out that it will probably make him go blind + daft as well and he will never become a pro-footballer. ;-))

Use Ccleaner click here, adaware free click here and regseeker click here to sort out the registry and temp/cache files.


  sidecar sid 19:50 05 Dec 2004

I don't think it is possible to innocently pick up registry entries to obscene sites because you only pick up these entries by visiting the sites in the first place. However saying that it's only human nature to look for such things. How many of us can truly say that the first time we picked up a dictionary we did not look for all or most of the "rude” words that we know.

Being the father of two teenage girls i am only to aware of the amount of knowledge they have of things i would prefer they didn't.

I would like to think however through frank discussion that they would be sensible enough to make the right choices when certain situations arise.

On the other hand if they did half the things i did when i was there age i would ground them until they retire

  kimjhon 19:51 05 Dec 2004

The more fuss made the greater the odds he will grow into a man who is overly attracted to these sites.

Tell your son he has not been there.

  Dan the Confused 19:57 05 Dec 2004

I've heard visiting these sites makes you speel bodly as well.

  Mango Grummit 20:32 05 Dec 2004

"On the other hand if they did half the things i did when i was there age i would ground them until they retire" --Exactly sid, quite so.

I've got grandkids and as a Grandparent in this situation I would let the boy know my feelings on the matter, and we'd talk, but I would not break the trust he has in me by grassing him up to his parents. I must admit to being surprised to find any Grandparent would act otherwise -- unless of course there is more to this than meets the eye.

  Audeal 21:06 05 Dec 2004

I have ten grandchildren and if any one of them visits porno sites then I would mind my own business.

  VoG II 21:18 05 Dec 2004

When I was a 14 year old boy it was "top shelf" magazines. Now it is the internet. I don't think that there is a lot that you can do and I think that a lot of this is "natural" curiosity.

Having said that, if ALL he does on the internet is surf porn sites then he has a problem.

As suggested above, going overboard on this may have exactly the opposite effect to that intended.

  russmini 21:51 05 Dec 2004

Not too sure what to reply exactly but as someone who is a member here and who admitadly has looked at various P sites my reaction to this would be.. it all depends on what kind/strength/type etc he has been looking at. Remember he is young and curious, after sometime he will find a new FAD... but until then.. ? Not sure, but are there not parental controls you could use with passwords etc. i suppose then though you lose the trust factor, but, Life and Control. Isn't it wonderful. Only you can decide, i suppose, but at least you have the views of a varied cross section of people.

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