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  reburner57 14:16 13 Oct 2003

My 9 year old daughter has had an e-mail account for about a year but hardly ever uses it. She does not use the internet and has never given her e-mail address out.

Her account has now started to receive extremely pornographic messages linking to porn web pages. The sender on the messages is different every time.

Any ideas what I can do to stop this other than deleting her account ?

  Gongoozler 14:19 13 Oct 2003

reburner57, you can try reporting the problem to the isp or use spam filtering software, but I think the only way to stop this spam is to change to another account.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:23 13 Oct 2003

You could right click the email and select block sender, it wont stop them comming but will send them to delete box automatically,trouble is that these people use different email addys to send so you will have to check and do same with others she gets,only sure way is to start another account and delete old 1.


  Distressed 14:27 13 Oct 2003

It depends on who your email provider is, however, most have an option to only allow contacts in your address book to make it to your inbox, all other mail is sent to a junk mail folder or trash can.

You can also create mail rules that put all email containing the key words you specify directly in the trash can or junk mail folder.

It is also wise to complain to your email provider

  theodor 14:52 13 Oct 2003

The easiest method is to create a new email address for her and make it more complicated ie. include numbers and "-". This will eliminate a lot of spam. Its a constant battle!!

  tenaka 15:06 13 Oct 2003

This is pretty bad when children start receiving this sort of thing.

I, like a lot of adults, just accept it and delete the unwanted email.

When will we be able to hold the sender responsible for this irresponsible act?

  R4 15:12 13 Oct 2003

If you use Outlook you can use the Junk mail options to delete these mails

  pj123 15:12 13 Oct 2003

If she has never used the internet or given her email address out why does she need one? I teach IT and I always try to set up email addresses as a nonedescript address. ie. that is no one knows whether it is a male or female address. Try not to set up a female ID using girls names. Make it as nonedescript as possible. Try using your dog or cat's name with your house number on the end, like tommy88 or similar.

  [email protected] 15:16 13 Oct 2003

try Spam Assassin. SAProxy is a free program that filters your email for what it thinks is SPAM, then label's it as such.

If you use Outlook, or OE for example, you can then add a rule to automatically delete, or send to a designated SPAM folder, as you so wish.

URL: click here

It works for all POP mail accounts AFAIK, and have had no problems with it.


  reburner57 15:21 13 Oct 2003

Thanks for all the responses. I can, of course, set up a new mail address for her and make it difficult to find by naming it accordingly but really object to having to do this.
I use Blueyonder as an ISP and they make it very clear on their webpages that they are only interested if it is a blueyonder customer who is spamming.

Jeez what is the world coming to when I have to 'disguise' her e-mail account just so she doesn't get bombarded with porn.

Oh and BTW. The account has only bee nused for receiving mails from my work address as I travel a lot on business

  GroupFC 15:22 13 Oct 2003

I have two sons (8 & 5). They both have their on e-mail addresses, but like your daughter they use them very rarely and never give out their e-mail addresses. Either myself or my wife supervise all their time on the computer (not just on the internet and sometimes not sitting on their shoulder!) and they have to ask permission to use the machine.

In OE6, I have made rules, as distressed says, only to allow mail from addresses in their address book, all other mail is deleted from the server before being downloaded. Touch wood (!) so far I have not had any problems with unwanted mail addressed to them other than a few marketing shots from the ISP.

No doubt it is only a matter of time before they are savvy enough configure OE6 (and for that matter the computer generally) and to set rules for themselves and the fun will begin!

If you need any help with setting the rules post back as when I did it, I must admit I didn't find it the easiest thing to do (even now I am not sure some of the rules are right!).

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