PopUps in Office help don't work

  skeletal 12:04 26 Feb 2004

Hi all

If I go into Office 2000 help, there are many hyperlinks that all work, but in addition, there are words, in blue, that are not hyperlinks, but if you hover the mouse over them, a popup appears with more info...except in my case nothing happens. Similar popups do work on the Windows XP desktop (to say what programs do...the ones that annoy many people!!).

I think they are Java, and as such I have played with the Java settings in Explorer/security to enable any old Java to run.

I don't have popup stoppers; I tried disabling ZoneAlarm; nothing I do enables the popups!!

What am I missing???!!!


  Eric10 12:47 26 Feb 2004

In my Office 2000 Help the blue text (not hyperlinks) don't open popups on hover but do open the popups when clicked.

  skeletal 13:52 26 Feb 2004

Ooo! That's interesting! I'm sure they used to open on hover, but I just tried clicking in Word help and it did open a new window. However, when I tried in Access help, nothing happened. And, of course, it is in Access that I want to look at the "popups"!!!

So, perhaps a new question: "Why don't popups, OR clicking, work in Access help"!

STOP PRESS!! As I am writing this, I thought I would try Excel...clicking or hovering...won't work. So, I went back to Word...now IT'S STOPPED WORKING!!!

This is madness (or should I say typical uSoft!).

I am at a complete loss now; I thought this would be easy and I had just got a setting wrong, but it looks like it's going to be one of my typical "10 years work to find a solution" problems.

As ever, any help or suggestions greatfully accepted!


  skeletal 17:38 26 Feb 2004

<bump> Anyone on the night shift got any ideas??


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