Popups Nuisance

  wingfield 14:45 20 Aug 2004

Despite having several pieces of software to stop popups - Panicware Popup Stopper, Spam Bulley Spyware Doctor, I seem to still be plagued with a few. These rear their heads when using Internet Explorer. My main provider is Mozilla Firefox, but there are still applications which need Internet Explorer.
Thses pesky things are driving me nuts!! Anything else I can do?

  jonnytub 15:12 20 Aug 2004

google toolbar does a great job, don't remember the last time i seen one!!!

  end 17:38 20 Aug 2004

I dont suppose it will help towards reducing the amount of ads IN pages??? now THEY r what bug ME.....:))

  Andybear 18:52 20 Aug 2004

I'm with jonnytub on the Google toolbar. I haven't seen any popups since I installed it - and it's a great search engine too.

  VoG II 18:56 20 Aug 2004

If you have Windows XP, SP2 includes a pop-up stopper.

  end 22:09 20 Aug 2004

???and ads IN pages??? or are we back to "another programe" ( and perhaps just "live with the things")...

  jonnytub 22:17 20 Aug 2004

Evening all, I'll take VoG's word for the xpsp2 popup blocker as i haven't installed yet (waiting for every one else to confirm it's ok as my system is perfect at the moment)

End, unfortunately it can't reduce the amount of ads on pages as it stops only those which try to "pop up" or "under". The ads you refer to are embedded in the pages coding and are part of the web page as a whole. I think i'm right though i may not be, confirmation would be nice?

  greenlamp 23:27 20 Aug 2004

Since installing the Google Toolbar, click here, several months ago over 3000 popups have been stopped. However a few slippery little suckers still get through [nothings perfect] but too few to worry about.

  woodchip 23:35 20 Aug 2004

Well I use Netscape 7.01 and never have a one, as pop up's are turned of in preferences

  [DELETED] 00:23 21 Aug 2004

Google Toolbar, not at all bad!

  Mango Grummit 01:49 21 Aug 2004

wingfield, may I take it you have joined computing, or more precisely the internet fairly recently? Whichever, the chances are (like all of us) you either took a flyer with choosing an ISP or took advice from *someone who knows* about these things. After all there's not much else anyone can do in the first instance.

Take it from me though if you will.... go for AOL as your ISP and you will have no further problems with popups and most other undesirable whatnots.

*Us wot knows* (joke) have used AOL for yonks now and loadsa people who would not like to admit it even now are moving over ... "AOL operates within it's own garden wall/I would not touch it with a bargepole/ it takes over your machine" posters have pretty much gone from here now.

Honestly.. get AOL and you'll fly around the WWW with no further problems, together with spam free mail, no viruses, no trojans.. and so forth.

Popups (by-the-by) pay for the largely free internet but if you don't want'em you don't need to have'em..... I guess it must be a right pain in the doobry to keep clicking them off.

Anyways up..... happy surfing, M

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