The Sack 02:44 13 Jul 2003

For a mag that talks plain english you would think you would have learned 100% of internet users hate popups!

  powerless 02:55 13 Jul 2003

'Subscription to this site will now be charged at £14.98 per month.

With this you get NO popups - NONE what-so-ever!


However if you would prefer not to pay the subscription of £14.98 per month you must have popups appear as these pay for the running cost of this site"


Yawn - Use a popup stopper if you want.

  The Sack 03:20 13 Jul 2003

I shouldn?t have to use a popup stopper, it?s a forced invasion in to my space, the elitist morons, sorry plain English speaking people at PC Advisor should know better.

I have had a popup stopper on for 3 years but I only associate it with amateur grabbing wanabe sites that don?t know better, I do not turn it on for this place.


  -pops- 06:07 13 Jul 2003

"I do not turn it on for this place."

Perhaps you should and then there won't be the need to send these alcohol fuelled complaints.

  y_not 07:22 13 Jul 2003

Who should fund the internet?

Seems there aren't many options - us of the suppliers.......I like the idea that is will be the suppliers (leaves my money in my pocket.

As for the "forced invasion in to my space" do you complain to the newspapers, TV companies, billboard advertisers etc?

Maybe I'm just sad but I sometimes even click on these ads just to find out what the latest gear/equipment/ideas/software/hardware etc. is now - how else am I to know that my horse & cart have been superseded?

If you don't like the ads (which appear on most sites) use a blocker (constantly) or pull the modem plug but remember its these that save US paying for the internet

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:52 13 Jul 2003

May one enquire of 'the sack' how he or she proposes to fund this site without subscriptions then?

It is not a forced incvasion of your space, using such emotive phrases is totally prima donna-ish and belies a complete mis-understanding of how the web works. The web does not belong to you, it is an OPEN, FREE resource and I think that I do not need to explain the meaning of 'free' and 'open'. It was set up and is run by people and organisations that work to keep it free from subscriptions. Using this site alone will save you 50p/minute phone calls...think about it.

There are much more important things to worry about in life and if you used your brain you would find a wealth of knowledge here that will enable you to not see any pop-ups (opera, slimbrowser, pop-up stoppers.

I assume that you nevr watch ITV, 5, Sky, Cable or buy any newspapers or magazines as well, for they all have adverts or do you tear all the adverts out prior to reading them?. It is interesting to note that, according to the FT, 3G is the biggest growing telecoms provider with 10k signing up per week and many stores selling only 3G handsets....this proves that their advertising is failing ;-))). *sigh* *eyes raise*


  Stuartli 10:02 13 Jul 2003

When they were given out, he or she was probably last in the queue......

..and where was the figure of "100 per cent of Internet users hate popups" obtained?

There must be some people who don't mind them or act on the information provided, otherwise advertisers would rapidly scrap the method.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:07 13 Jul 2003

...I discovered Crucial, Scan and Dabs ages ago (before they were mentinned on this forum), from pop-ups. I've bought hundreds, nay thousands of quids' worth of goods from them AND saved shed loads as well....yup, pop-ups do not work. Ther eare none so blind as those who do not see.


  jbaker65 10:15 13 Jul 2003

Now, now children, play nicely.

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