Popup password box during 98 booting sequence

  Eggshell 22:03 24 Aug 2003

Such a minor irritation compared to other people's problems I hardly like to ask for help to get rid of it. It says if you don't enter a password it will not appear in future but it does.

  Ironman556 22:08 24 Aug 2003

Is this before you get to the windows screens (ie. when you've just started the PC) or is it a window logon?

If it's a windows logon you can use Tweak UI to remove it, if it's when you start the PC it could be somthng to do with the BIOS.

  woodchip 22:15 24 Aug 2003

Do not enter a password just click OK

  Eggshell 22:50 24 Aug 2003

Thanks Ironman556 but Tweakui did not remove it.
Woodchip I stated in the opening note that clicking OK without a password did not get rid of it. I would like to start the computer, go and do another little job and find Windows ready to go, not stuck halfway through booting waiting for me to click OK.

  pj123 10:35 25 Aug 2003

Don't click OK, press the enter key on your keyboard and it won't come up again.

  pj123 16:42 28 Aug 2003

Where's Eggshell gone?

  Eggshell 21:02 28 Aug 2003

Sorry pj123, very remiss of me not to keep on top of the helpline but I'm a silver surfer and my wife has Alzheimer's so it's sometimes days between computer sessions. I tried just pressing ENTER but another box appears which says I must enter the user's name before using ENTER. Thanks for answering.

  woodchip 22:40 28 Aug 2003

You could try this it may give you some info, as I think you must have put a password in at some time.

Go to Start\Run and type regedit press enter, go to menu\Edit\find type in the box Windows logon and see if it comes up with a name that you can recognise. Press F3 to go to next entry you can do this till you get to the end of the registry. Make a note of the password if any but do not do anything at this time other than look then come back hear for help. as the above I will come back when I can. Woodchip

  A15 23:00 28 Aug 2003

In Windows 98, if you want to stop the password box, do you not have to delete the user password profile & make sure that the computer is not set to boot up with networking services before leaving the password box blank?

It has been sometime since I did this procedure on a 98 computer, so I may be wrong. I am sure somebody in here will confirm/deny this thought.

  jazzypop 23:06 28 Aug 2003
  Eggshell 22:46 29 Aug 2003

Thanks everyone for your help with this nuisance. I followed the path pointed by jazzypop and got rid of it.

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