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  Lucky Jim 14:54 01 Dec 2003

Hi there
I was wondering what the best screen resolution to use when designing websites in terms of compatability.

I read about a year ago that 800x600 was still by far the most prevalent resolution used by surfers(I think it was 80%), but thought this might have changed in the last year or so with cheaper and better monitors becoming more common.

Any pointers appreciated.


  Stuartli 15:01 01 Dec 2003

Most websites can be viewed quite happily in 1024x768 (85MHz refresh rate) on a 17in monitor (the setting adopted by most users) and pro rata - the days of 800x600 being adopted by web page designers are, or should be, in the dim and distant past.

  Lucky Jim 15:10 01 Dec 2003

Thats what I thought, but the article I read was a published survey of net users, which gave a clear indicator of who uses what.

Even if its now only 25% of users with 800x600, I'd rather not have a quarter of the audience having only a partial view of a site.

I can't remember where I saw the report, which is really frustrating! Is there a website that publishes this kind of info?

  Pesala 16:38 01 Dec 2003

click here which would indicate that the days of 800 x 600 are numbered, though it is still not obsolete. Think about your target audience.

What is possible is to make your page resize to the browser width. Try the webdesign forum for help with doing that. click here

People who use higher resolutions on large monitors tend to have more than one windowed application open on the desktop. I always maximise windows as I use 1024 on a 17" monitor.

  Sir Radfordin 16:50 01 Dec 2003

click here for this sites most recent debate on the subject.

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