POP/SMTP servers

  swapper 08:26 27 Aug 2003

How do I find out what my Incoming POP Server, and Outgoing SMTP server addresses are please.
I am with BT Broadband.


  john-232317 09:02 27 Aug 2003

BT should have sent them to you in a letter ?

They are prob....POP3.BT.COM or without the 3 and SMTP.BT.COM

I'm 99.9% certain that they are both


  BigMoFoT 11:39 27 Aug 2003

Depends what service it is - if it is the no frills BT Broadband service then you do not get an email address

  swapper 22:23 03 Sep 2003

sorry for the long delay in responding, I've bin away on me 'ols:-0
I think I have sorted it...thanks

  john-232317 07:16 04 Sep 2003

How ? it may help smeone else later..

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