POP3 / SMTP Webmail...

  Boffin Boy 20:06 17 Mar 2006

Just a quick question really...
Is there a piece of software out there that can be installed to my 'server' on the network and will offer a type of pop3 / smtp webmail service?
The only other thing however is that it must be free...


  octal 20:35 17 Mar 2006

Have you thought of installing Linux on a small partition? There are plenty of open source programs for what you want, its right up Linux's street.

  Boffin Boy 20:42 17 Mar 2006

Basically my 'server' isn't a server as such it is just the main computer running xp pro, if i were to install linux wouldn't I have to use it instead of xp pro?


  octal 20:45 17 Mar 2006

Ah, that's a different story, I thought you had a separate computer acting as a server. In that case ignore my post its not what you want, sorry.

  Boffin Boy 20:46 17 Mar 2006

Oh, no I have... It's just running XP Pro...

  Boffin Boy 10:42 18 Mar 2006

Just to clarify... I have one separate pc running as a server, but with XP Pro on it instead of something like Server 2003 etc.

  octal 11:51 18 Mar 2006

I don't know that much about it, but I do know a lot of the large servers use Apache click here its really a Unix/Linux application but I think there is a Windows version. Maybe if someone else reads this they might be able to advise further in case there are other applications.

I'll check back with you occasionally, because I'm interested in knowing as well.

  octal 11:55 18 Mar 2006

Here is some further information about running Apache under any of the Windows platforms click here

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