Pop up wont go away...

  barryoneoff 10:19 11 Jan 2003
  barryoneoff 10:19 11 Jan 2003

Anyone having trouble with an ad for Smart Certify Direct? This is the only site I have been to since logging on and it popped up. Touble is, it wont go away. I click the "X", it plays a sound and comes straight back. Anyone else?

  bvw in bristol 10:24 11 Jan 2003

No, I'm not getting any pop ups here. I don't have pop up stoppers on my machine either.

  Pauper 10:26 11 Jan 2003

try ctrl/alt/del and close it from the task manager - it's possible they may have modified the window such that the 'x' is no longer a close button.

  barryoneoff 10:28 11 Jan 2003

Never happened before, still wont go away. Just ran ad aware but only the usual doubleclick was found.

  barryoneoff 10:32 11 Jan 2003

Good idea, but the cheeky sod still came back after end task. Gonna restart PC to see if it comes back.

  Weeby Vuit 10:33 11 Jan 2003

get a pop up program, it stops pop ups on the computer

  barryoneoff 10:45 11 Jan 2003

but just noticed that it ia also a banner ad on this site!

  bvw in bristol 10:53 11 Jan 2003

The only Ad I can see is the PCA mag to the left with the red writing.

  barryoneoff 10:55 11 Jan 2003

it was there when I got back here, but it's not there now!

  barryoneoff 10:57 11 Jan 2003

the ads back, but no pop ups this time.

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