Pop up window dialler causing grief

  alpeshxp 20:28 25 Feb 2005

Im on broadband but have been infected by nasty program that attempts to dial out even though I broadband and not dial up connection. It is very annoying and seems to be slowing my pc which Ive just put new hard drive with WinXP. Zone alarm pops up with "pop64 is trying to acess the internet" message and when I view properties the file a65d id listed located in C/WINDOWS, havent got a clue what it is. Have also tried flushing it out with Spybot Search Destroy but this stalls and freezes once all rogue entries have been identfied and I ask it to Fix Selected Problem. My pc is sort of out of action so Im using my laptop to access the web. If I try and surf on my pc it either freezes, web pages dont load and it keeps wanting to take me to some sites I havent got a clue about. HELP PLEASE

  woodchip 20:30 25 Feb 2005

First try this. Start\Run\MSCONFIG look for the Dialer in Startup tab and remove the tick and reboot. But it may reload

  Jak_1 20:32 25 Feb 2005

As you are on broadband it can not do any damage to your phone bill. However to get rid of it: start > search type in diallers and wait for results. Simply delete any that are found.

  Jak_1 20:33 25 Feb 2005

also run any antispyware progs you have.

  Dan the Confused 20:43 25 Feb 2005

Ad-aware SE click hereclick here AntiSpyware click here

Update, then run all of these, along with Spybot, in safe mode (tap F8 before Windows loads and select it from menu that appears).

  Dan the Confused 20:47 25 Feb 2005

Oops, forgot CWShredder click here

  Star Lord 10:39 27 Feb 2005

I suggest you get yourself a better browser, this are very good. Ive using it and have google as homepage and there are no problem at all

Free Download of Enigma Browser
One you have it instaled on your pc. everytime you get a site you dont want, highlight its name, copy and then click on enigma browser TOOLS, got to SITE FILTER then ADD TO BLACK LIST and past the site name in the address and click add, that should stop you from bring that site up. You will still however need to find these dialers and delete them from your drive,

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